Another Deadly Knife Attack in Germany

According to German federal police spokesman, a passenger on a train from Kiel, Germany, to Hamburg, stabbed seven passengers, injuring five and killing two on January 25. According to Bild, the perpetrator is a Palestinian refugee from Gaza, age unknown. Such violence is becoming more and more frequent.


  • A man stabbed and wounded six people at a Paris train station during rush hour on January 11. After initial silence about his identity, it was revealed that the attacker came to France between 2019 and 2020 from Algeria or Libya.
  • On Nov. 6, 2022, a Syrian injured four people in a knife attack on the train from Passau to Hamburg, Germany.
  • On June 25, 2021, a young Somali man stabbed three women to death and seriously injured six others. But it wasn’t until November 16 that the prosecutors announced a possible Islamic motive behind the attack.
  • In 2016, an ax- and knife-wielding teenage Afghan refugee injured four people on a train in Wurzburg, Germany. The Islamic State eventually claimed responsibility for the attack.

More to come: Two major Iranian terrorist attacks, which included the use of weapons of mass destruction, were foiled over the course of the last few weeks. You can expect such attacks to only get worse. The prophetic significance of these recent revelations is explained in “Is Iran Planning WMD Attacks in Europe?” Also be sure to read our free booklet The King of the South.