Josué Michels

Heckler & Koch: The Tradition Continues

German Defense Ministry considers Heckler & Koch to be the only qualified arms manufacturer for its new assault rifle.

Hundreds of suspected cases of right-wing extremism have been uncovered in the Bundeswehr.

The Bundeswehr’s largest foreign deployment will once again be extended.

The origins are unknown, but what is becoming obvious is a coordinated, powerful, unscientific bias against anything that implicates the Chinese Communist Party.

In a hostile world, Israel is certainly taking note of the few supporters it has.

Even the coronavirus lockdowns could not reverse the trend.

A noir television series unwittingly connects German society with a predecessor much older than Weimar.

The coronavirus has advanced science to the point where previously unimaginable weapons can now be made and refined.

The controversial German-Russian pipeline project moves forward.

It is the highest level of anti-Semitic crimes in 20 years, and it is getting worse.

The German military is regaining popularity.

Few realize Germany’s military strength is not revealed by statistics.

The annual celebration is so important to the Catholic Church that it even had to take place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The far right is beginning to terrorize Germany—again.

Another harbinger of worse to come

Germany is building a military for the 21st century.

More than a memory, anti-Semitism is a sad reality and a warning of an even greater holocaust to come.

Germany’s cooperation with Russia is reckless and malicious.

The EU and the European Central Bank join forces to strengthen the euro’s international role.

Armin Laschet’s closeness to Russia sparks controversy in Germany.

Pressured by the U.S., Turkey seeks a new start in its relations with Europe.

A wave of political upheaval hits Europe. Will the crisis bring about Europe’s prophesied 10 kings?

The Holy Roman Empire’s eastern leg is gaining strength.

Most Germans advocate remaining neutral in a conflict between the U.S. and China.

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