Josué Michels

Guttenberg—An Expert on Financial Crises

If central banks start issuing digital money, the dollar may face real competition as the world’s dominant currency.

Some claim it to be impossible; others see it as Europe’s only hope.

Almost every 10th person in Eastern Germany has a right-wing extremist mindset, survey finds.

November 9 is the anniversary of two key historic dates we should not forget.

German hypocrisy is exposed once again.

A digital euro is set to define the future of cross-border payments, gaining ground on the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency.

Germany ducks away from crucial decisions, while using the pandemic as an excuse.

Every space technology could potentially be used for war.

Europe’s strength is not innovation; it is regulation.

In ‘Steadfast Noon,’ the German Bundeswehr prepares to use tactical B61 nuclear weapons.

The German Army’s new main battle tank prepares the country for a new type of warfare.

The nostalgia for peaceful cooperation is exposed as a farce.

Germany rose from the ashes to dominate Europe, but it’s yet lacking a strong leader. This might soon change.

A strong, modernized military nucleus is the foundation for rapid expansion.

The harmony was short-lived: Terror attacks and the question of distributing refugees are concerning Europe again.

The U.S. trusts Germany with strategic insight.

Germany’s peaceful spying is a springboard into offensive warfare.

It’s not coronavirus.

Germany’s Bundeswehr wants to purchase more warships, develop laser cannons, and order additional anti-ship missiles.

A military empire centered around Germany is forming.

The same man who led one of Hitler’s concentration camps led Germany’s weapons industry after World War ii.

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline is coming under attack.

Is the U.S. president the real threat to democracy?

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