Josué Michels

Germany: Transformed by Crises

In editorials, online posts and beer halls, the sentiment is the same: Our leaders are pitifully powerless. Something must change.

Democracy—only for those who agree with the state

Is Deuteronomy 28:51 being fulfilled before our eyes?

When promised safety, expect to lose freedom.

Plagued by terrorism and civil war, millions seek a new home. But all doors are closed.

We have entered a new era in Europe that will result in increasingly dictatorial governments.

In many countries, the state can listen to your conversations, track your movement, and observe your bank account. But those who seek to avoid the state’s eyes can still use cash—for now.

To increase the churches’ power, the pope could be accepted as first among equals.

The recent floods remind us of the fate of ancient Nineveh.

Germany is scouting space and analyzing the activities of other states.

The Catholic spirit that ruled Europe for centuries is being revived.

The world is preparing for cyberwarfare. The question is, who will strike first?

Xi says foreign powers trying to stop China’s rise ‘will crack their heads and spill blood.’

A glimpse into how cyberattacks can cost not only large sums of money but also many lives

Even after Brexit, Britain seeks to appease Germany.

Millions of Americans are going to starve. The Bible reveals why.

Governments around the world seek to solve escalating crime rates, social unrest and the causes of war—yet the power to change things is within the home.

The migrant crime situation in Europe is prophesied to escalate dramatically.

In the U.S.’s absence, foreign powers will dominate this crucial battlefield.

Attacks in Wurzburg, Germany, and Mali raise the question: When will terror end?

German manufacturers work in competition with U.S. defense contractors.

The army’s tradition continues.

Most Bible prophecy was written for our day, a frightening time of soon-coming ‘great tribulation.’

Old fears are haunting Europe again.

State surveillance often serves as a barometer for dictatorial tendencies.

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