Josué Michels

Kurz, Strache and the Break of a Coalition

Kurz seeks to use the scandals of his coalition partner to extend his own power. Will he succeed?

Israelis are thankful for condemnation of bds movement, but they should still be wary.

Germany’s security landscape is changing to resemble its worst history.

Why you should keep track of Catholic European politicians

European nations fighting European wars will need European military transport aircraft.

Germany tightens its connection to Brazil, not so with the U.S.

A Saudi-German military alliance is forming against Iran and Israel.

Dissatisfaction with democracy is growing rapidly in Germany.

Mainstream media realize that Germany denazifying itself was fake news.

Attacks against Jews in Germany are on the rise, and a dangerous historic trend is repeating itself.

Finland’s election shows that the European Union can no longer ignore the far right.

German military expert demands a drastic leadership change; Bible prophecy states that change will come.

The quietness around Chancellor Merkel is misleading.

Germans want their own Barack Obama.

Even 10 years ago, who could have predicted this unlikely turn of events?

Why are mental health problems so common among gender-dysphoric people? Only by correctly answering that question can we find a solution.

To preserve Christian Europe, Orbán believes that one has to convert the Middle East.

Hungary might seem like a European outsider today, but prophecy states that this is about to change.

One day, America and Germany will live ‘Wunderbar Together,’ but that day is not yet.

Will this policy help Germany secretly remilitarize once again?

Former economics minister and defense minister expresses distrust of the U.S. and China.

Macron’s urgent plea for Europe’s renewal finds powerful German supporters.

Germany is urgently preparing for a break from America—and for a double cross.

In cooperation with member states of the Arab League, Germany seeks to push back Iranian influence in Syria.

German industry is building the machinery for world war—again.

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