Josué Michels

Brussels COVID Dictatorship Suppresses Protesters

People used to protest to change government measures, but the supposed bastion of freedom is doing away with that right.

History and Bible prophecy warn of what to expect when these two nations embrace.

Manipulated data causes millions to be excluded from society.

Don’t be fooled, Germany is pursuing a calculated strategy.

A sad reality that proves mankind’s inability to govern itself

Preparing for a future comeback?

European leaders show their true colors.

Such compliance will be fatal.

It is time we understand who is calling the shots in Germany.

What is Germany preparing for now?

An unorthodox leader rises in an unorthodox way in Germany.

‘In the big power game between the U.S. and China, the EU must work hard to avoid being sandwiched between the two.’

Germany’s denial of weapons to Ukraine and the Nord Stream project prove beyond doubt that something sinister is going on and that Germany is in on it.

No sense of unity—yet

Every year seems to set a new tragic record.

Germany’s police are switching priorities.

How will he change Germany?

Europe’s leaders seem to fall like dominoes. As crises hit, whom will Europe look to?

China’s Belt and Road is getting competition, but so is America.

Is the target the virus or the people?

The harmonious imagery seems too good to be true.

As Russia increases its pressure on the military alliance, Germany’s influence in nato is growing.

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