Josué Michels

German Secret Service Suspected of Using Israeli Cyberweapon

History shows that Germany’s drive to spy is dangerous.

Another covid lie exposed

Democracy, parliaments, coalitions—the enemies of Europe’s rising strongmen

No leader appears ready for the challenge.

History is repeating itself.

The financial crisis of one superpower will lead to the rise of another.

Have lockdowns, vaccine rollouts, vaccine mandates and vaccine passports been based on fraudulent data?

Europe’s core nations are increasingly looking to their heritage. What causes friction today will cause temporary unity tomorrow.

‘There will be missions where nato or the United Nations will not be present but where Europe should be.’

A fond relationship with unseen jeopardies

The latest push for a united European military comes as U.S. resistance has eroded and crises in the Middle East are forcing Europe to defend itself.

The United States is paving the way for a new world of authoritarianism.

Is Europe drifting toward authoritarianism?

The squadron is a ‘concrete, important step forward for the Europe of defense.’

European leadership is becoming more Catholic.

Europe is rising as a threat to world peace.

The intent is not to save lives but to prolong power.

Crises demand leaders, but what if none are found?

Putin’s wrath is increasingly feared beyond Russia’s borders.

What you need to know about Germany’s upcoming federal election

Calls for Germany to reawaken its military spirit are rising.

Considering how few Jews live in Germany, the increasing offenses are alarming.

In editorials, online posts and beer halls, the sentiment is the same: Our leaders are pitifully powerless. Something must change.

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