Josué Michels

What Germans Fear Most

It’s not coronavirus.

Germany’s Bundeswehr wants to purchase more warships, develop laser cannons, and order additional anti-ship missiles.

A military empire centered around Germany is forming.

The same man who led one of Hitler’s concentration camps led Germany’s weapons industry after World War ii.

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline is coming under attack.

Is the U.S. president the real threat to democracy?

Guttenberg is a fallen star in German politics, but this summer it was revealed what unusual power he still holds.

Unquestioned cooperation despite history’s lesson

Will this redemption pave the way for his political comeback?

Dictating health regulations robs people of not only their free choice but also a free future.

Military developments in Europe will be remembered as ignored warning signs that led to World War iii.

Why is Berlin so concerned with North Africa?

The alliance continues for a reason that few understand, but that will impact the whole world very soon.

A new world order emerges as trans-Atlantic relations change.

As anti-Americanism, right-wing extremism and militarism grow, Germany takes its place as the world’s favorite global power.

How will Germany react to Black Lives Matter-style riots?

Hungary relies on German military technology to modernize its armed forces.

‘Northern Africa is turning into a battleground with enormously important prophetic implications.’

People fear that a religious revival could open ‘the gates to something darker.’

Austria and Israel have never seemed so closely allied, but danger lurks.

Germany is at ‘the heart and core of the united Europe.’

Chancellor Merkel is stirring Europe’s ambition to fill the void.

Left- and right-wing extremists are terrorizing Germany.

The climate change movement is strengthening the ‘international role of the euro.’

Germany’s alliance with Turkey portends doom.

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