Josué Michels

France Proposes Small EU Group to Advance Investments

A nuclear-armed Iran will propel Europe’s nuclear debate toward escalation.

War is knocking at the door of a union of nations whose warring abilities have never been tested on a large scale.

Securing trade routes is secondary in the fight against Iran.

Guttenberg: ‘It was not just an outstretched arm but really an offer in this great emergency situation in which we now find ourselves … to say let’s do it together.’

Will Europe answer the call of duty?

As you watch Trump’s inevitable return to power, watch Europe’s response and for one man to lead it.

Germany’s intentions to bring peace are not altruistic.

German politics are about to change our world.

2023 may be the year engraved on the gravestone of German pacifism.

False accusations of anti-Semitism may encourage real anti-Semitism.

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