Josué Michels

Can Another Holocaust Be Prevented?

A Holocaust memorial in Berlin revives the past in hope to change the future.

Merkel’s term is nearing its end; it may come a lot sooner than you expect.

While Israel is under constant attacks, Germany is presenting itself as a strategic ally.

A renewed Catholic Europe is about to change the course of this world.

Germany is seeking more independence from the U.S. and closer ties with China—just as prophesied.

Berlin’s political turmoil is about to have a drastic end.

The U.S. and Germany may be in for their last ride.

Under Turkish command, German tanks are rolling through Syria.

‘Confidence in the government’s performance, as well as political stability, has fallen in almost a landslide.’

A prophesied alliance is finding its prophesied leader.

Germany’s overall economy is struggling, but weapons exports are flourishing, indicating an ominous trend.

Germany and the U.S. need each other … for now.

The future of Germany’s leadership has never seemed so uncertain.

When anti-British and anti-American sentiments started to rise in Asia

Nuremberg is prepared for the final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire.

A time is coming when Berlin’s monuments of war will be turned into monuments of peace.

Almost worse than a wall, Germany’s political division hinders the country’s progress.

A court case in Hamburg reminiscent of Germany’s dark past

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg demands change in how Germany’s chancellor candidate is selected.

Germany and the Netherlands practice a nuclear attack.

As the U.S. gradually withdraws, Europe’s troops are left in German hands.

Europe’s major economies are facing setbacks, but it is the U.S. that needs to fear.

Will Austrian politics be paralleled in Germany?

Austrian political turmoil ends, leaving the real danger hidden.

A real scandal that could cost the lives of millions is being overlooked.

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