Josué Michels

Merkel Comments on a World Order Without the U.S.

Chancellor Merkel is stirring Europe’s ambition to fill the void.

Left- and right-wing extremists are terrorizing Germany.

The climate change movement is strengthening the ‘international role of the euro.’

Germany’s alliance with Turkey portends doom.

The ‘strained’ link between church and state is slowly being restored in France.

Germany’s foreign minister claims it needs to protect Israel from its own decisions.

How Chancellor Merkel has continued Barack Obama’s legacy

As tensions with the United States increase, calls for a united European military are getting louder.

‘There is great outrage in Germany about the violent death of George Floyd.’

Global crises may enable the rise of blockchain-based digital reserve currencies.

It’s either an unreasonable sign of trust or betrayal to one’s own country.

Dutch and German shipyards join forces for the new mks 180.

Germany’s view on the U.S. and China shifts, as was prophesied more than 2,700 years ago.

Drones could soon drastically change the everyday life of citizens and soldiers.

Similar sentiments to those in the 1930s are rising in Germany.

German-Russian relations are marked by ups and downs. How will they end?

The vast majority of Austrians have been unaffected by the coronavirus, but can they escape Kurz’s one-man rule?

Despite ongoing efforts, anti-Semitic crimes are increasing.

Beyond arming the world, Germany is quietly forging military alliances.

Macron seeks to employ all religious denominations to further ‘social cohesion’ amidst covid-19.

Germany had the biggest percent increase in military spending in 2019.

Where will a religious revival lead?

An unholy alliance is solidifying in Austria, reminiscent of its past.

The combination of religion, heritage and strong government is a recipe for success in Germany.

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