Josué Michels

Culture Clash in Oslo

The liberal West and the extremists

An art display echoes disturbing history.

As crises culminate, watch Europe’s response.

A major global power shift is about to occur.

Nuclear fire is coming.

German citizens need to beware.

Has the Catholic Church changed?

Our weekends are in danger.

Pope Francis reiterates Rome’s centuries-old quest.

A battle over religious dominance

As Germany’s relations with Russia are exposed, America is sitting idly by. Could it be that the American mood is swayed in a calculated strategy?

With Germany’s help, Turkey is rising as a formidable military power.

People are completely unconcerned about Germany’s rapid military spending. Few ask: What does Germany do when it gets a strong military?

Is Germany really just an innocent trading partner?

Our world hasn’t changed when it comes to anti-Semitism.

In the mind of Germany’s elite, the war has already been decided.

Russia revives the concept of holy war in Europe.

Weak leadership leads to a desire for more autocratic rule.

German-led European militarization is accelerating, aided by the U.S.

Sanctions have hit consumers around the world, but perhaps benefited Russia.

Violent extremists are only a small part of the problem Germany is facing.

Germany is ready for change.

Alternatives to state-controlled commerce are vanishing.

Just because a church is behind a project doesn’t mean it is good.

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