Josué Michels

The European Origin of Islamic Jew Hatred

Anti-Semitism was not imported from the Arab world. It was Europe that exported this dangerous poison.

Germany is working today through diplomatic relations, weapons exports, financial donations and even troop deployments to create a bulwark against Iranian hegemony.

It would be a mistake to believe Germany’s plans are limited to the stated mandates of its military missions.

Conflicts are reshaping the geopolitical landscape. The oil-rich Gulf states are set to benefit—but not without hurdles.

A major Bible prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes, and it will soon affect our whole world.

‘But ultimately, this is not about Ukraine winning against Russia.’

A new age of warfare requires a new age of tanks.

‘Were measures more dangerous than the virus?’

As Americans vote for economic prosperity, allies warn of devastation.

Germany betrays its allies—again.

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