Josué Michels

Germans Are Reaching for Guns

Germany’s groaning for security means Bible prophecy is about to be fulfilled.

Germany’s new hope is boldly making his presence known.

Germany’s offensive cybercapabilities may soon have a leader willing to use them.

Eastern Germany’s yearning for a strong German Army was prophesied.

We should again heed Churchill’s warning.

Poland seeks to join the German-led European tank project.

The world is preparing for global conflict, and Germany seeks to secure its staying power.

Studies, surveys and history give us a glimpse into why Germany will prosper in the wonderful World Tomorrow.

Combining emerging technologies with its well-established industry may cause the German economy to reach new heights.

The space race could have unexpected surprises.

The culture in the heart of Europe has been completely misunderstood.

Italy’s crisis may contribute to Europe’s prophesied transformation and the rise of yet another strong Catholic leader.

Germany’s crises are predicted to climax simultaneously.

Harbingers of a recession frighten German companies.

Meet Armin Laschet, a culture-loving fan of Charlemagne.

With Spitzberg Partners, Guttenberg prepares Europe for a complex world order.

Army leaders demand a return to Germany’s military tradition.

But strong German leadership is coming.

Unless Germany learns where its old demons truly come from, it will never overcome them.

It’s not just about weapons.

Will Sebastian Kurz fulfill the hopes of Benjamin Netanyahu?

Bundeswehr and police members support radically different policies from their government.

In its 50th year, Airbus is set to surpass Boeing as market leader.

The murder of Walter Lübcke is a warning sign that Germany’s right-wing extremist problem is about to explode.

The moment he is waiting for could come this year.

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