Josué Michels

Brexit: 27 Against 1

Europe’s leaders are committed to make Brexit painful for Britain.

Fifty-six years after the signing of the Élysée Treaty, Merkel and Macron unite to empower Germany in an independent European empire.

If Germans don’t trust their own institutions, what do they trust?

The Holy Roman Empire’s quest for Jerusalem continues.

EU officials believe that world trade will drastically change in 2019 as they sign a trade agreement with South America.

The German media questions how long Merkel’s government will survive as the public groans for a savior.

Hungarian military exchanges dependence on Russia for dependence on its old empire.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Baron Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg want to expand Europe’s empire to Africa.

Chancellor Kurz, Archbishop Schönborn and Middle Eastern patriarchs join forces.

Advent reception in the Austrian chancellery: Archbishop Schönborn and Chancellor Kurz celebrate successful cooperation.

Angela Merkel’s era is coming to an end. But the new party leadership has left Germany’s Christian Democrats terribly divided.

Germans see relations as negative; Americans see them as positive. What is going wrong?

Europe began a historic cultural revival this year: Previous revivals have had deadly consequences for ‘unbelievers.’

Former competitors are now collaborating against their new archenemy: the U.S.A. Should you be concerned?

Inside European cathedrals is the glorification of a heritage that should trigger nightmares.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz wants Europe to remember Charlemagne and the Holy Roman Empire.

New agreement with Bochum University points to more Catholic involvement in German politics.

Are we about to see job vacancies in one of Germany’s most important political parties?

The German chancellor faces a rising revolt within her own party.

Only few know the man that might soon head one of the world’s most powerful institutions.

A failed biological bomb attack by Sief Allah H. poses the question: What will happen if another migrant succeeds?

Without NATO or the United Nations, Germany is conducting its own military mission in Iraq—to oppose Iran.

Pushed by radical Islam, Germany is undergoing a dramatic revival of its nationalist past and culture.

History has shown that if an army wants to get ahead, it has to start young.

Denmark’s ban against the burka and niqab signals a dangerous trend in Europe.

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