A Stabbing in France Leaves Six Wounded

A man stabbed and wounded six people at a Paris train station during rush hour on January 11. Off-duty police officers shot the assailant before he could do more harm. French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin told reporters that the suspect appeared to have used a homemade weapon in the attack. After initial silence about his identity, it was revealed that the attacker came to France between 2019 and 2020 from Algeria or Libya. In 2022, he refused an expulsion order—now he has attacked those who welcomed him.

Unclear motive: Though investigators are unclear about the motive, it is reminiscent of prior terrorist attacks and once again leaves France in shock. cbs News wrote: “No specific motive, including terrorism, has currently been suggested by authorities. France remains jittery following a spate of deadly attacks since 2015.” cnn reported the country’s national Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office is “evaluating the facts” about the attack.

Terror: In “Terror Has Become Banal in Macron’s France,” the Spectator noted that the French government under Emmanuel Macron is ignoring these crimes. But the Bible reveals that soon Europe will not ignore them. Daniel 11:40 prophesies a dramatic shift in how Europe will respond to terrorism. With each attack, the mood in Europe is changing, but the pendulum is prophesied to shift suddenly and Europe will address the terrorism.

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