Russia Lashes Out After Ukrainian Strike on Navy

A Ukrainian unmanned surface vessel (usv) full of explosives struck a Russian Navy frigate on October 29, triggering larger Russian attacks against Ukraine.

  • The nighttime strike happened in the port of Sevastopol, in Russian-occupied Crimea.
  • According to Forbes, the usv hit either the Admiral Makarov or its sister ship, Admiral Essen.
  • It is unclear whether the frigate is still afloat.

In response, Russia pulled out of the Black Sea grain deal that has enabled Ukraine to export grain to the rest of the world. After the attack, Russia claimed it could not “guarantee safety of civilian ships,” according to Reuters. The United Nations, Turkey and Ukraine will continue the export plan without Russian participation.

  • Signed in July this year, the deal attempted to lower food prices by continuing Ukrainian exports.
  • It ensures safe passage to and from three Ukrainian ports.
  • Since the deal was signed, Ukraine has exported almost 10 million tons of grain and other food products.

Russia also unleashed a series of missile and drone strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure, including in the capital of Kyiv, causing severe damage and both water and power outages. Denys Shymal, Ukraine’s prime minister, reported attacks on 18 targets.

Attacking critical civilian infrastructure is a violation of international law. But that’s something Vladimir Putin has never been concerned about.

“Putin has a long pattern of diabolical evil on the level of Joseph Stalin. An abundance of fruits prove that. … No leader in Russia has equaled Putin’s diabolical evil since Joseph Stalin.”
—Gerald Flurry, The Prophesied ‘Prince of Russia’

The current war in Ukraine shows more fruits of Putin’s diabolical evil. To learn more about his intentions and actions in this war against Ukraine, read our recent article on the topic.