This Week: Five Events You Need to Know (January 26)

This Week: Five Events You Need to Know (January 26)

Iran’s war with Israel, China’s conflict with Taiwan, an Arab alliance against Iran, and more

Here are five of the most important news stories this week, as well as relevant links to the full articles and videos here on

Iran Ups the Ante With Daylight Missile Fired at Israel

Last weekend, Iran fired a surface-to-surface missile from just outside Damascus and toward Israel, attempting to hit the Mount Hermon ski area. The missile was intercepted by the Iron Dome missile shield before it hit its target.

The head of Iran’s air force, Brig. Gen. Aziz Nasirzadeh, declared, “We’re ready for the decisive war that will bring about Israel’s disappearance from the Earth.”

The attack highlights a serious escalation in Iran’s war against Israel.

Pentagon: ‘Rising Chinese Military Has Taiwan in Its Crosshairs’

China is “on the verge of fielding some of the most modern weapon systems in the world. In some areas, it already leads the world.” That was a warning from the latest report by the United States Defense Intelligence Agency.

The report said that China has made major military advancements and developed new weapons technologies as it works to boost its ability to wage war over places such as Taiwan. “Beijing’s long-standing interest to eventually compel Taiwan’s reunification with the mainland and deter any attempt by Taiwan to declare independence has served as the primary driver for China’s military modernization,” the report said.

To understand the significance of the rise of China in the context of Bible prophecy, read our article “Pentagon: ‘Rising Chinese Military Has Taiwan in Its Crosshairs’” and order a free copy of our booklet Russia and China in Prophecy.

U.S.: ‘Arab NATO’ Needed to Stop Iran

The United States has called for the creation of an “Arab nato” to “serve as a bulwark against Iranian aggression, terrorism, extremism” while providing “stability to the Middle East,” according to a White House spokesperson.

Bible prophecy says that an Arab confederation will form in our time. Is this “Arab nato” the early stages of a prophesied Arab confederation?

Report: One Third of Britain’s Air Force Can’t Fly

At any given time, 1 out of 3 British warplanes can’t fly, according to recent information provided by the Royal Air Force. Out of 434 total aircraft, including training aircraft and helicopters, 142 are currently unavailable due to maintenance needs or being in long-term storage. Many fear the nation’s shrinking military power is taking it down a dangerous path.

This is yet another event in the long, downward spiral of Britain’s national power.

2019: Germany Eyes Brazil

Brazil is the world’s eighth-largest economy and the overall largest economy in Latin America. It is rich in natural resources, such as rare earth elements, iron ore, precious metals, uranium, natural gas, oil and timber.

The European Union is Brazil’s second-largest trading partner, accounting for 18.3 percent of its total trade. Germany is Europe’s leading economy and Brazil’s most important European trading partner.

Together they are leading two massive trade blocs to unite, which will cause world trade to realign and fulfill multiple Bible prophecies of trade wars and trade embargoes that will impact every human being.

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