Biblical Manhood

What does it mean to be a man?
In a society of same-sex “marriages” and transgender bathrooms, the answer to this question has never been more confusing. This generation has challenged, castigated and changed virtually everything that has defined manhood throughout human history.
Biblical Manhood gets back to the basics. It seeks guidance from the Creator of masculinity as revealed in His Instruction Book. It provides detailed, practical direction on how to fulfill seven God-given roles for men:
• Man of God • Leader • Provider • Protector • Husband • Father • Builder
It also includes short biographies of men in the Bible who exemplified these roles.
In a world of ambiguity, this book gives clarity. In a society overflowing with questions, this book supplies answers. It relies on the ultimate Source in pursuit of an enduring, reliable, rock-solid definition of what it means to be a man.

Table of Contents

Preface: What Happened to Manhood? Read
The Man of God: 1.1 Embrace Your Destiny Read
The Man of God: Jesus Christ—Exemplar of Masculinity Read
The Man of God: 1.2 Anoint Your Eyes Read
The Man of God: 1.3 Purify Your Heart Read
The Man of God: Joseph—Flee Fornication Read
The Man of God: 1.4 Do Hard Things Read
The Man of God: Jacob—Wrestle Through Pain Read
The Man of God: 1.5 Keep Your Word Read
The Man of God: Eleazar—Stand Alone Read
The Leader: 2.1 Lead Read
The Leader: David’s Mighty Men—Slay Giants Read
The Leader: 2.2 Crush Inferiority and Weakness Read
The Leader: 4 Qualities of a Godly Leader Read
The Leader: 2.3 Take Responsibility Read
The Leader: Shammah—Stand Your Ground Read
The Leader: 2.4 Decide Read
The Leader: 2.5 Be a People Person Read
The Provider: 3.1 Be the Breadwinner Read
The Provider: 3.2 Build Your Work Ethic Read
The Provider: Paul—Fight the Good Fight Read
The Provider: 3.3 Forge Vigorous Health Read
The Provider: 3.4 Get Stronger Read
The Provider: 3.5 Maintain Your Home Read
The Provider: The Isaiah 32 Man Read
The Protector: 4.1 Protect Women and Children Read
The Protector: Moses—and Other Protectors Read
The Protector: 4.2 Confront Read
The Protector: Nehemiah—Repel Unrighteousness Read
The Protector: 4.3 Smile Through Trial Read
The Protector: 4.4 Pray for Others Read
The Husband: 5.1 Keep Your Wedding Vows Read
The Husband: 5.2 Lead Her Spiritually Read
The Husband: 5.3 Understand Her Read
The Husband: The Proverbs 31 Husband Read
The Husband: 5.4 Deepen Your Love Read
The Father: 6.1 Use Your Office Read
The Father: 6.2 Fill Your Home With Love Read
The Father: 6.3 Turn Their Hearts to God Read
The Father: Abraham—Teach Your Household Read
The Father: 6.4 Make a Man Read
The Father: David—Instruct Your Sons Read
The Father: 6.5 Be Your Daughter’s Hero Read
The Builder: 7.1 Think Big Read
The Builder: 7.2 Share Your Talents Read
The Builder: 7.3 Mentor Others Read
The Builder: Jonathan—Build Manly Friendships Read
The Builder: 7.4 Live With Purpose Read
The Builder: 7.5 Start Now Read