The Protector

Moses—and Other Protectors

From the book Biblical Manhood
By Joel Hilliker

Godly men are fighters and protectors. The Bible records several of their examples for us to emulate.

When thugs harassed the daughters of Reuel, honorable Moses stood up and drove the whole group of them off (Exodus 2:17-19). Then he followed that display of strength and courage by showing compassion and tenderness toward those women, taking care of their animals.

When the Assyrians captured Lot’s family, courageous Abraham forged his household into an armed unit to rescue them (Genesis 14:14-16). He set all those poor women free like a knight in shining armor.

When the Jews were persecuted while rebuilding Jerusalem, noble Nehemiah roused the men to “fight for your brethren, your sons, and your daughters, your wives, and your houses” (Nehemiah 4:14). Stand between your families and this danger! he said. He commissioned those men to work with one hand and carry a weapon in the other.

In ancient Israel, God always gave the business of fighting to men. It was the men God sent to defend against outside threats. When God commissioned Moses to take a census of the Israelites, it was military-eligible men He told him to count (Numbers 1:20). War is cruel and terrible, and God hates it. He will stamp it out in the World Tomorrow (Isaiah 2:4). It would be far better if nobody ever had to endure that hellish nightmare! But when it is to be done, God sends men to do it. And the mindset of a warrior is: If someone must do it, let it be me (e.g. Isaiah 6:8).

Manliness has always been associated with a willingness to lay down your life to protect others. A man recognizes a righteous cause as more important than his own life.

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