The Missing Dimension in Sex
The most important dimension in knowledge about sex and marriage had been missing-unpublished until this book.
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Table of Contents

Read This First
Introduction: Sex in the ’80s—Where Have Six Decades Brought Us?
Chapter 1 World in Revolt—Why This Book Had to Be Written
Chapter 2 Why—and What Is the Missing Dimension?
Chapter 3 How Shame Entered
Chapter 4 Why Sex? Its True Meaning
Chapter 5 The Divine Purposes of Sex
Chapter 6 But Was Sex Really Necessary?
Chapter 7 Recapturing the True Values of Sex—the Commanded Functions
Chapter 8 The Biological Differences
Chapter 9 How God Designed Sex
Chapter 10 “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”
Chapter 11 The God-Ordained Uses of Sex
Chapter 12 Dating—and Teenage Morality
Chapter 13 The Best Age for Marriage
Chapter 14 Planned Parenthood, Contraceptives and Sexual Dysfunctions
Chapter 15 Engagement—and Wedding Night