Philadelphia Trumpet  •  June/July 2006  •  Volume 17, No. 6
  • Leadership
    The Death of Churchillian Leadership
    Why World War III is unavoidable
  • The Vanishing ‘Man of War’
    How the mightiest military in history is making itself vulnerable to annihilation
  • Judicial Power
    The Supreme Court has become our most powerful national institution—but what is it doing?
  • The American University
    A startling case study in higher education’s failure to produce leaders
  • How Feminism Harms Families
  • Commentary
    Give Yourself a Big Bonus
    What skyrocketing CEO pay says about corporate leadership
  • World
    From the Editor
    Nuclear Iran—the Point of No Return?
  • Does The World Need A European Superpower
    With hatred for American supremacy peaking, and geopolitical troubles surpassing America’s ability to manage them, many are calling for Europe to step into the gap of global leadership.