Philadelphia Trumpet  •  February 2017  •  Volume 28, No. 2
  • Was This Germany’s 9/11?
    After the Berlin attack, Germans are grappling with a choice between who they want to be and who they need to be.
  • Features
    From the Editor
    Great Again
    America is going to become great again, but not the way millions of Americans think. 
  • Democracy Is Dying
    What will take its place?
  • The War on History
    How can you undo democracy? Undo the education of the voters. 
  • ‘Fake News’ and the Shifting Media Landscape
    News-making in America is transforming in a way that often casts truth aside. But there is cause for hope. 
  • Translated
    Trumpet website now available in German, Dutch, French and Spanish
  • A Building Storm of Debt
    What will happen to America’s debt-burdened economy under Donald Trump?
  • INFOGRAPHIC Meet the Founders of Modern Education
  • A Headache for Pope Francis
    The United States has chosen a president who opposes the Vatican’s political vision. How will the Roman Catholic Church respond?
  • Did David and Solomon Actually Exist?
    If so, were they the glorious kings the Bible describes, or just small-time chieftains?
  • WorldWatch
  • SocietyWatch
  • Principles of Living
    Focus on Important
    Don’t fritter your most valuable asset on nonsense.
  • Commentary
    Will Brexit Solve All of Britain’s Problems?
    A look at the optimism of Britain’s vindicated euroskeptics