Philadelphia Trumpet  •  July 2009  •  Volume 20, No. 6
  • From the Editor
    Major News Sources Ask: Will Christ Ever Return?
    (Yes, He will. And probably within a decade. Here’s why.)
  • Departments
  • Commentary
    Keep Hope Alive
    Bad news is descending like a tidal wave. Hold your head high.
  • Special Report: On The Edge
    On the Edge
  • The World
 Will Not End This Way!
    Nuclear disarmament will not prevent mankind from being annihilated by atomic war. Thankfully, a higher power will. 
  • Wildly Explosive Real Estate
    Allied forces are trying to put a lid on it—but the contest for control of Afghanistan and Pakistan is turning ugly. 
  • What Will Trigger the Next World War?
    This is the clash we need to watch for next.
  • Jesus Christ Returns!
    How will you react when you read the world’s most shocking headline?
  • The Real Jesus
    The man depicted in Western art is nothing like the one described in the Bible.
  • World
    Financial Regulation in Prophecy!
    Anti-Anglo-Saxon, anti-democratic, anti-free-enterprise: That’s the system of global financial regulation that is about to exert its control around the globe! 
  • Infiltrating Egypt
    Is Iran about to take over?
  • He was right
    The Giants of the East
    For decades, Herbert W. Armstrong said it would happen. Today, Russia and China are strong allies. 
  • The Vatican’s Hidden Jerusalem Agenda
    Why did the pope visit Israel, and why now?
  • Living
    How to Save Money During a Recession
    Peace of mind is just a budget away. 
  • Society
    Radical Social Engineering
    The “gay rights march” is gaining steamroller momentum. 
  • Religion
    Book Excerpt
    Raising the Ruins (Part 29)
    In his book Raising the Ruins, Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry exposes the reality of what happened to the Worldwide Church of God. Here is part one of the 25th chapter.