Andrew Miiller

Who’s Behind the Coup in Zimbabwe?

The general who just arrested Robert Mugabe may have the approval of Africa’s newest imperial power.

The most damaging conspiracy today is the one against fatherhood.

The United States may be a military superpower, but foreign leaders know how to hit it where it hurts.

What does the Islamic State’s loss of territory in the Middle East mean for the rest of the world?

By doing ‘opposition research’ for both major U.S. political parties, Russia is not trying to help either.

A group that promoted communist dictatorship in Germany on the Soviet Union’s behalf is now rising to prominence in the United States of America.

One hundred years after the Bolshevik Revolution, many Russians are looking nostalgically at their czarist past.

A spark in one Latin American nation could set off an explosion that engulfs the entire region.

By weakening the Roman Curia, Pope Francis is strengthening local bishops—and himself.

As both Nepal and India gravitate toward Beijing, a great political and economic bloc is forming in Asia.

The war on drugs is pushing the Philippines away from the United States and toward China.

People are being gunned down in Mexican rehab centers because a spiritual sickness has taken root throughout North America.

The bishop of Rome tells governments to seize more power to stop future weather disasters.

The consequences of discarding a sacred moral code to govern the actions of individuals are far graver than most people realize.

Violent riots around the nation are part of a deliberate strategy to discredit America’s leaders both domestically and internationally.

President Trump’s decision to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals isn’t about immigration. It is about the rule of law.

Some say America’s economy would grow by billions of dollars if moms would work outside the home. They’re measuring wrong.

Is Vladimir Putin trying to strengthen the Trump presidency—or weaken it?

Is the radical left bringing down President Trump or bringing down the country?

Many of the federal government’s 2 million bureaucrats oppose the current president’s policies.

The neo-Nazi and Marxist revolutionaries that faced off in Charlottesville have more in common than they would like to admit.

The alliance between Islamic terrorists and drug cartel agents is a serious domestic security threat.

The Trump administration faces off against a coalition of mayors in a battle over whether to actually enforce U.S. immigration laws.

Vladimir Putin is sowing division within the United States to keep America from becoming the next energy superpower.

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