Andrew Miiller

Can America Afford Its Overseas Military Bases?

Foreign military facilities may become unaffordable as the U.S. redirects dwindling financial resources to defend its own borders.

A serious conflict between President Trump and the intelligence agents who work for him threatens to undermine our constitutional republic.

Approximately 25,000 Chinese intelligence officers are working in the U.S.

Teenagers are loudly demanding policy changes, and adults are cheering them on. This isn’t the heroic development many want.

Your paycheck won’t stretch as far when your nation is in a trade war.

When government agents spy on the president, the nation is dangerously close to experiencing a ‘deep state’ coup.

Americans in counties with more broken homes are more likely to die from drug use.

Does the United States need ‘a million young Barack Obamas’?

A significant step in the ongoing experiment to reengineer family

Public trust in government institutions is falling fast.

How did an unverified, partisan propaganda report become a threat to undermine the Trump presidency?

All steps toward unity between Catholics and Lutherans are tremendously significant.

‘It must be of the spirit if we are to save the flesh.’ –Gen. Douglas MacArthur

Even if South Africa does not repeat the disastrous policies of Zimbabwe, its inflammatory rhetoric will incite people to mass violence.

More than 10 percent of Venezuelans have already fled, and the nation is deteriorating rapidly.

By keeping Americans pitted against each other, Russian agents hope the United States will be too weak to counter their ambitions.

There is a reason for such horrific violence: America has turned away from God’s laws governing family life and private morality.

The Bible tells us why droughts and natural disasters occur, as well as what we can do to prevent them.

America must wake up: It can no longer borrow enormous amounts of money without shaking financial markets.

Vatican City is much more than the headquarters of a religion.

The natural world itself answers the question.

The most damaging conspiracy today is the one against fatherhood.

Scientists have cloned monkeys, but there is still something they don’t know about the value of life and the human mind.

Many economic policies in America today are promoted as kindness toward the poor. Are they really?

Confucius Institutes teach the Chinese language—alongside what one politburo member admitted is propaganda.

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