Joe Biden Refers to Illegal Aliens as ‘Hispanic Voters’

Joe Biden has blamed Donald Trump and the Republican Party for Congress’s failure to pass a bipartisan law on border security. Despite Biden’s eagerness to shift the blame for the border crisis onto conservatives, his recent comments in an interview on a Spanish-speaking radio show demonstrate his support for illegal immigration.

“It’s even a bigger influx now in terms of Hispanic voters—err, Hispanic citizens,” Biden told a host from Spanish radio show Chiquibaby on May 9. “The Hispanic community is part of the future of America.”

Hidden agenda: Before Biden’s revealing slip-up indicating that he views illegal aliens as future Democrat voters, he compared Hispanic immigrants to the Irish Catholics who came to America in the 1840s. Biden is talking out of both sides of his mouth: He is telling conservatives that he can’t shut the border because Republicans won’t let him, while he tells illegal immigrants that the “Hispanic community is part of the future of America.”

He failed to mention that 19th-century Irish immigrants came to America legally instead of evading border patrol. The fact that his administration has flown 434,000 illegal aliens into the interior of America shows he is committed to helping Hispanic immigrants break the law.

Foreign invasion: In The United States and Britain in Prophecy, Herbert W. Armstrong showed how the people who settled in the U.S. and Britain are descended from the Israelite tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim. This means end-time Bible prophecies about those tribes are directed at the U.S. and Britain.

Hosea 7:8-9 prophesy: “Ephraim allows himself to be mixed up with foreigners … Foreigners eat away his strength, unknown to him” (Moffatt translation). Hosea often refers to the northern 10 tribes of Israel that split away from the kingdom of Judah as “Ephraim,” the most prominent tribe, and “Samaria,” the capital. Yet the prophecies of Hosea were spoken to Ephraim and Manasseh jointly when both tribes were ruled by Jeroboam ii and his successors.

“Ephraim allows himself to be mixed up with foreigners” refers to immigrants devouring Israel’s strength while Israel’s leaders turn a blind eye to the crisis destroying the nation.

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