Donald Trump Reviews Ukraine Peace Plan

Former United States President Donald Trump has blamed Joe Biden for provoking Russia’s attack on Ukraine by proposing that the West should bring the former Soviet republic into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. He also stated that ending Russia’s war would be his top priority if he wins a second term in the Oval Office.

President Trump has not confirmed details of how he plans to end the war, but two of his advisers have given their suggestions.

In a Reuters interview published on June 25, Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg (Ret.) and Fred Fleitz recounted how they presented Trump with a plan to withhold U.S. weapons from Ukraine unless the nation agreed to start peace talks with Russia. They also suggested increased U.S. support for Ukraine if Russia refused peace talks.

Kellogg and Fleitz served as chiefs of staff on Trump’s National Security Council during his presidency. They did not say whether Trump agreed with their plans but noted they were pleased with the feedback they got from him.

Partitioned Ukraine: Reuters reported last month that Russian President Vladimir Putin was open to a peace settlement based on a partition of Ukraine that would give Russia control over Crimea, Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk and Zaporizhzhia, some areas of which he does not currently control. He reportedly is amendable to, at least in the short term, an armistice that allows the Ukrainian government to manage the other 82 percent of its landmass.

The Zelenskyy administration in Ukraine rejects this proposal, but it may have little choice but to accept if a future Trump administration withholds aid.

Republican support: A cbs News-YouGov survey published in April found that 61 percent of Republicans believe the U.S. should not send more weapons to Ukraine; 79 percent said they trusted Trump to provide them with critical information about the Russo-Ukrainian War.

These Republicans are likely to believe Trump that Biden’s proposal that Ukraine join nato is the main cause of the war. They would be expected to back a Trump-negotiated peace plan.

Coming clash: The late Herbert W. Armstrong long predicted that the European Union would morph into the final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire (a German-dominated dictatorship bound together by the Roman Catholic religion). And now we see Putin’s Russia trying to morph the vast stretch of land from the Carpathian Mountains to the Pacific Coast into a final incarnation of Imperial Russia (a Russia- and China-dominated empire).

Ukraine is wedged between these two prophesied empires, so we expect the U.S. to eventually withdraw from the region and let the EU and Russia partition Ukraine as they see fit.

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