Mihailo S. Zekic

Tomorrow’s news told 10 years in advance

How the Ukraine war could bring one of the biggest shifts in Christianity since the Middle Ages

Tehran takes part in the global ambition to blot out America.

A submerged beast is rising from the Aegean Sea.

There are no ‘mighty men’ in Washington to stand up to Russia.

Fake news is being weaponized to blot out the name of Canada.

One of Latin America’s largest economies jumps on Beijing’s bandwagon.

What will be the outcome of the Supreme Court drama?

Why are the West’s health experts covering for China?

The United Nations trusts Kim Jong-un to lead the world in abandoning nuclear weapons.

More instability in North Africa

If the U.S. can’t deal with Russia, what can it do if Russia and China make their moves at the same time?

A modern economic alliance with a troubling historical precedent

Putin’s ‘greatest geopolitical catastrophe’ is one step closer to being undone.

Is the North African kingdom a trustworthy partner?

What’s going on in the mind of Emmanuel Macron?

Freedom of the press is under attack.

A new Hungary for a new year—ready to take on Europe

Canada cannibalizes its own history to the extreme.

Will a crisis occur over Ukraine?

Can the pope bring Rome and Constantinople together again?

A new find sheds light on an old execution method.

Iran expands its footprint in the Horn of Africa.

Another somber tragedy strikes a struggling nation.

Is Iran increasing its footprint in Yemen?

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