Iran Pressures Sudan for Red Sea Naval Base

Iran pressured Sudan to give it access to a permanent naval base on the Red Sea, according to the Wall Street Journal on March 3. According to Sudanese intelligence official Ahmad Hasan Mohamed, “The Iranians said they wanted to use the base for intelligence gathering. They also wanted to station warships there.” Sudan rejected the offer.

Since last April, when Sudan’s civil war between the government and a paramilitary group started, the government has been scrambling for foreign backers. This has led Sudan to Iran.

Sudan reinstated diplomatic relations last year after a years-long hiatus and imported Iranian attack drones. Sudan doesn’t want to get too close to Iran, but with the war dragging on, it may return to Iran in desperation.

Iran already uses its Houthi proxies in Yemen to disrupt Red Sea shipping. A Sudanese naval base would give Iran even more leverage on this critical trade artery.

Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry writes in The King of the South, “If Iran gets control of [the Red Sea] trade route, it could create enormous damage and chaos in America and Europe almost overnight.” We can expect Iran to push for even more control over the Red Sea and for outside players like Europe to notice.