Power of the Merchants

From the September-October 2002 Trumpet Print Edition

“This coming ‘United States of Europe’ is the dream of many leaders—not only within Europe, but in Britain and America. The Common Market is only its economic beginning” (Plain Truth, June 1985).

That economic beginning has become the mainstay of the Germanic European Union. Fundamental to the success of the EU, in preparation for the development of a common currency, followed by a common military and security agenda, has been the effort by Germany to place its representatives in top positions within the financial and other advisory bodies that influence the global economy.

German eurocrats, bankers and financial controllers now head many of these institutions. Horst Kohler is the managing director of the International Monetary Fund. Michaele Schreyer is the European Commissioner in charge of the EU budget. Otmar Issing is one of six members on the executive board of the European Central Bank. Eberhard Uhlmann is the newly appointed secretary general of the European Investment Bank’s Management Committee. Gerhard Cromme is the vice-chairman of the influential Roundtable of Industrialists. Otto Lambsdorff is one of three regional chairmen of the Trilateral Commission. To top this list off, Peter Woike, an ethnic German, is managing director of the World Bank and executive vice president of the International Finance Corporation.

Quite an impressive list.

In addition to these high-profile posts, many German bureaucrats and businessmen staff influential positions within the EU bureaucracy.

In Revelation 18 we read of the power of the merchants influencing the development of the end-time European combine. The reality is that many of these globalist financiers and businessmen are already strongly attached to the fulfillment of the Teutonic vision of the resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire. They are described as the “great men of the earth” in Revelation 18:23. We ought to remember that twice in the past century, such merchants marched in step with the military—with devastating results.