G-20, NATO, the EU—and Prophetic Reality!

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G-20, NATO, the EU—and Prophetic Reality!

The three summits that presented the Obama administration with its first exposure to the big-time arena of international relations have tested its mettle and found it wanting.

Ostriches really don’t bury their heads in the sand. However, the age-old adage that willful ignorance is like an ostrich with its head in the sand prevails. In fact, it fits the current scenario of the new American administration struggling to find its feet in three forums in which it was patently outgunned, outmaneuvered and outshone by the hard-bitten Franco-German team.

G-20 Outcome

Few have latched onto the reality that has now emerged from the two G-20 summits held over the past six months. One who has is former Clinton aide Dick Morris. Shortly after the Washington G-20 summit, Morris astutely declared that the winner in this whole financial and economic debacle engulfing the world was far and away the European Union. It was the EU that called the shots in Washington last September, calling for an independent regulator to be set up to monitor and control capital investment, speculation and the issuance of credit. At that time, Morris correctly concluded, “The results of the G-20 economic summit amount to nothing less than the seamless integration of the United States into the European economy. In one month of legislation and one diplomatic meeting, the United States has unilaterally abdicated all the gains for the concept of free markets won by the Reagan administration and surrendered, in toto, to the Western European model of socialism, stagnation and excessive government regulation. Sovereignty is out the window. Without a vote, we are suddenly members of the European Union. Given the dismal record of those nations at creating jobs and sustaining growth, merger with the Europeans is like a partnership with death” (FrontPageMagazine.com, Nov. 20, 2008).

Anyone who has been following the Trumpet magazine’s continual and dire warnings at the prospect of the European Union soon dominating the global economy within the context of the prophecies of Revelation 13 will marvel at their congruence with that latter phrase from Morris’s statement.

We advised our readers to watch for Europe to use the latest G-20 summit in London as a forum to consolidate its regulatory powers over the global economy. Though most media pundits either missed it or simply glossed over it, the Franco-German nexus did just that! The Anglo-Americans simply rolled over and completely capitulated to submitting the control of their corporations and financial institutions to an unelected regulatory body controlled by the European central banks. Now called the Financial Stability Board, this institution is the EU Financial Stability Forum under a new name. Essentially the individual nations represented at the G-20 summit in London last week agreed unanimously to yield up their sovereign right to control the financial arrangements entered into by their most important corporations and financial institutions to the regulatory control of the Financial Stability Board, controlled by the European Union!

NATO Division

We encouraged our readers to keep an eye on nato’s 60th-anniversary summit, and specifically to watch for the strengthening of Germany’s influence within the organization and for a concomitant weakening of the transatlantic alliance, with the U.S. being the loser. Once again, this is exactly what has happened.

Germany’s hand was strengthened by the endorsement of Croatia and Albania as members of the alliance. Both nations are virtual puppet states of the German-led European Union. Croatia, an actual puppet state of Nazi Germany in World War ii, was used by Germany in the last decade to create division through violence in Yugoslavia, thereby breaking apart the Yugoslav federation and enabling a discordant Balkan Peninsula to become the first colonies of the EU.

Albania, long an ally of Germany, was covertly armed by Germany during the last decade and used to divide Kosovo from greater Serbia in the illegal war against the Serbs, resulting in the declaration of Kosovo as a separate Albanian nation-state. The accession of Croatia and Albania to nato sends strong signals to Russia that Germany is stacking the deck within the former transatlantic alliance to give it greater influence in nato’s command structure. At the same time, the new American president has unwittingly endorsed the strengthening of a pro-German faction within nato by his greeting to the two new members of nato: “We are very excited about your participation,” President Obama said. “We are proud to have you as allies.”

EU member nations, led by Germany, further separated themselves from the new U.S. administration by refusing to agree to President Obama’s request to commit more troops to enable a surge against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

One fact alone should have alerted the Obama team to the reality that something is changing dramatically within nato: the reentry of France into the alliance. Given the history of its resistance to nato membership during the years of U.S. dominance in transatlantic relations, there can be only one reason for France reentering the alliance: the fact that France sees the U.S. on the wane and thus needs to enter nato as a counter to rising German influence.

EU Summit

President Obama is now attending his first EU summit in the Czech capital, Prague.

Ordinarily one would expect, given the drubbing received at the G-20 and nato summits, that the U.S. entourage attending the EU summit would be licking its wounds and presenting a hangdog look. Not so. It’s business as usual for this remarkably blind U.S. delegation—blind to the horrific import of what they signed up to at the G-20 and seemingly oblivious to the consequences of the nato summit. The PR coming out of Prague indicates an upbeat tenor among the U.S. delegation, feeding the press with such innocuous lines as, We are very happy with the outcome. One thing the Obama team ought to at least realize after being surrounded by 27 leaders of Europe at the Prague summit is that “old Europe” is back! Despite its divisions culturally, ethnically and politically, old Europe is alive and kicking, and the nation at the helm is, once again, Germany.

That consorting with Europe is, in Dick Morris’s words, “like a partnership with death” will be simply lost on the U.S. delegation, so scant is their grasp of history.

We pray that it is not lost on many of our readers, in particular those who remember one Herbert W. Armstrong’s continual prophetic warning that a powerful European entity would arise under Germanic dominance to revisit the history of 1914 and 1939 on a greatly unprepared Anglo-Saxon peoples!

Yet, we are all too aware that, like the old adage of the ostrich, far too many will just go on burying their heads in the sand, willingly blinded to the shocking reality of what is currently, and rapidly, building on the European continent.

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