U.S. Crash vs. EU Rise

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U.S. Crash vs. EU Rise

As the American economy continues to crash, the globally dominant superpower that will soon replace it rapidly gears up for the future.

First it was the Vatican.

Then, one year later, the European Union.

These twin drivers of the developing global superstate, the coming United States of Europe, have hit the cutting edge of the mass media stage by launching their own Internet-based television stations.

Destined, in the wake of America’s current dramatic decline, to become the chief players on the global political scene in the next decade of this 21st century, Rome’s historic super-religion and the rising Germanic European superstate have each launched World Wide Web-based television broadcasting platforms. They are specifically designed to propagandize the resurrection of that old and vastly destructive geopolitical entity, the Holy Roman Empire!

Rome’s effort to use the massive potential to publicize its message via the Internet sprang from the pope’s call for the use of modern communications technology to support his global evangelizing campaign during a speech he gave on World Social Communications Day, May 8, 2005.

Termed by some as “the cnn of the pope,” the Vatican-endorsed station, H20, began airing its initial online programs from its location within Vatican City in December 2007. It currently broadcasts daily, worldwide, in eight languages.

Initially presented to the Vatican’s World Conference of Catholic Television Providers in Madrid, Spain, in October 2006, the H20 project was enthusiastically supported by the media-conscious Pope Benedict xvi, who, like his predecessor, John Paul ii, has a ready appreciation of the power of Web-distributed imagery, particularly in respect of the youth market. Both H20 and EuroparlTV have a specific focus on capturing the attention of educators and youth. These online TV platforms have a potential to powerfully shape the minds of the future.

In an age where the quality of life of youth in particular is subject to deepening denigration, the call sign of the online Catholic television broadcaster, H20, was deliberately chosen, being the chemical symbol for water, symbolic of life. The platform enables video news reports constructed from a Catholic perspective to be viewed through the Internet, cell phones and similar technology having video capability, as well as traditional means of communications such as television.

Developed in cooperation with the Pontifical Council for Social Communications and provided free of charge to both Catholic television networks and Internet users, H20 currently features five daily news items, two on the pope, two focusing on the universal church and one of artistic or cultural interest. The Vatican Television Center provides some of the station’s content.

Commenting on his vision for H20, Jesus Colina, editorial director of the online TV station, said, “The news service is water for the user …. Our motto is: ‘H20 News TV, Your Good News Source.’ H20 News emanates from Rome, the center of Catholicity and source of information for the life of millions of Catholics” (Inside the Vatican,Jan. 28, 2007).

Well versed over the years in the means of propagandizing its universal message, the “Vatican has been quick to adopt new technologies in its efforts to communicate with the world’s more than 1 billion Catholics. In 1996, the Vatican introduced its Web portal nearly three years before the Italian state unveiled its own website. And it has embraced digital and satellite technology” (CathNews, March 12-16, 2007; emphasis mine throughout).

By contrast with the Vatican, the EU has been rather slow gearing up to publicize its gospel via the World Wide Web. However, after four years of labor, supported by a projected budget of €9 million, last Wednesday the project finally delivered a highly developed, interactive, Web-based television platform designed to appeal to all markets.

Broadcasting in 22 languages, compared to H20’s eight, EuroparlTV has a potential audience of 400 million. Its Web platform offers four channels, one of which is specifically geared to youth, aimed particularly at school-aged children, seen by Eurocrats as high users of the Internet and the European electorate of the future.

Of the pioneering ambition of EuroparlTV, Raymond Frenken, the head of EUX TV, an entity that has delivered online video coverage of the European Parliament and other European institutions, stated, “EuroparlTV is probably the most ambitious Web TV project in the world. To deliver all this content in 22 languages. It’s an enormous technical challenge” (EUobserver.com, September 17).

During his speech delivered prior to the official launching of EuroparlTV, the EU parliamentary President Hans-Gert Pöttering pointed to the EU’s own online television station as being an excellent tool for preparing the public for next year’s vital European elections, and laid particular emphasis on its potential for use by European youth.

Alejo Vidal-Quadras, the Spanish member of the European Parliament (mep) charged with overseeing the project, stated, “This communication instrument is necessary in order to inform citizens about Parliament and puts us at the frontier of information technology.There is no Web TV source which has been so ambitious in its linguistic coverage. … It is important to give to our youth an understanding of EU during this awakening of Europe, a channel specifically targeted to European youth. … Europarl will operate around the clock; that’s a special message to the youth.”

With such an eye on capturing the attention of young minds, a special effort has been made to ensure that the EuroparlTV youth portal is highly attractive to that market. Its youth site features state-of-the-art graphics and is highly interactive.

One of the claims made by the EU is that EuroparlTV will not only be a tool for educating European citizenry in the internal machinations of their Parliament. Vidal-Quadras, the Parliament’s vice president for information and communication policy, forecasts that it will also create a natural audience of Europeans to engage in “hot debates” on the development of European policy.

The problem with this argument is that the secretive EU bureaucracy has already nearly completed its agenda for the regionalization of Europe, the centralization of EU economies, finances, public services and military forces, with the subsequent neutering of the national sovereignty of EU member nations, and now merely awaits ratification of all this via its long-awaited constitution, with its establishment of an EU president, and an EU foreign minister with his own EU diplomatic corps.

Sure, over the past 50 years EU citizens would have liked to have had a “hot debate” over all these issues. But the horse has already bolted! The whole imperial project of the EU is almost a done deal.

So why introduce this state-of-the-art online means of communication with the EU populace if all the decisions people previously needed to be informed of so that they could air their opinions within the true nature of democracy have already been made and imposed on them by unelected authorities?

The answer is simple.

Power, as that grand old student and teacher of international relations Hans Morgenthau declared, vests in those who influence and control the minds of the populace!

EuroparlTV is nothing but a massive propaganda tool in the hands of the movers and shapers of the rising Germanic United States of Europe. It is a powerful means of selling the EU party line to the masses. As EU observer Peter Sain Ley Berry opines, “[T]his is a parliamentary venture, paid for and supervised by the Parliament itself. … [A]t the end of the day EuroparlTV will be ‘His Master’s Voice’” (EUobserver.com, September 18).

By way of example of the inadequacy of EuroparlTV to present an unbiased report on matters of deep concern, Sain Ley Berry asks, “How would EuroparlTV, for instance, have run the story earlier this year about the report on meps’ expense irregularities? If you remember, Parliament suppressed that report and swore those who had seen it to secrecy. Had a copy been leaked to EuroparlTV, would they have had the courage to publish it? Almost certainly not” (ibid.).

The same source reported that one Brussels journalist said he was “worried that the company responsible for the [EuroparlTV] content, Brussels-based Mostra, was the same company that produces much of the European Commission’s multimedia promotional material. ‘They have a track record of producing propaganda for the Commission where the journalistic ethic is put at a lower level.‘”

The potential for state abuse of such a powerful instrument for public communication such as EuroparlTV is potent.

Given the history of state-sponsored platforms for the dissemination of government information in Europe’s past, it is difficult to picture EuroparlTV becoming anything other than an instrument of the state for the airing of state propaganda.

More particularly, given the clear, inerrant Bible prophecies relating to the rise of a United States of Europe in tandem with a culturally and ideologically bonding universal religious body based in Rome, it is fairly evident that the two key entities involved in the European project now have at their disposal the mass media resources to propagandize their imperial messages to a captive audience.

Watch the Vatican!

Watch the European Union!

So much is happening across the Atlantic while America is distracted by the rapidly emerging effects of its hedonistic, consumerist lifestyle on its bank balance.

Watch for these powerful tools of mass communication to gear up to broadcast a message that will influence the minds of the masses in Europe to understand that they either must toe the line and bow ultimately to the messages that will soon emanate from Rome and Berlin, or they simply won’t eat! (Revelation 13:16-17).

Believe it or not, that is an unbreakable prophecy in your Bible! The Word of God prophesies of a time when the leaders of the nations of Europe will yield their minds to one great, influential, dominating power—the power of a mind that will be set on the ultimate destruction of the British and American nations and the enslavement of many peoples!

It almost happened barely 65 years ago!

Few listened when voices of warning were raised anticipating imminent catastrophe some few years earlier.

Few listen to the warning of an even greater catastrophe today!

As Morgenthau declared, power is simply “man’s control over the minds and actions of other men.” Both the Vatican and now the EU have tremendously powerful tools at their disposal to broadcast their message to the masses. These online TV platforms have the potential to be used to influence and to bend the minds of a continent’s youth to follow a future führer! They have the power to capture the minds of a continental populace that has lost its way in the morass of the secularist thought that has flooded its institutions of education since the time of the Enlightenment. They have the power to steer the European mind back to the continent’s traditional religion, rooted in Rome.

In other words, the Vatican and the EU now have massive online potential at their disposal to steer the collective European mind toward the ultimate goal of the founding fathers of the European Union: the singular support of the effort to revive, just one more time, none other than the Holy Roman Empire!

Read of the power that the leaders of Europe, amid a final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire, will possess (Revelation 17:13). They all have the one mind! They are brainwashed into thinking on a common imperial theme. Their delusions of imperial grandeur come from a mind much more powerful than theirs! (Revelation 13:2).

The prophecies speak of one individual who has a power over the minds of political leaders within a great northern economic/political/military complex of nations, and who leads them in a great imperial effort at global dominance (Revelation 13:7). It’s a dramatic picture that bespeaks the power to bend the minds and influence the actions of men to do his will!

If this dramatic vision of the future just ahead, pictured in the book of Revelation, piques your interest and you really do want to know more about this coming phenomenon, read our booklet Daniel—Unsealed at Last! It will electrify you in its clear exposition of how current world events fit exactly the prophetic description in the Bible of just what is happening—at this very moment—as Europe rapidly rises to global power amid the almighty crash of the United States of America that is even now beginning to affect us all!