Obama’s Radical Foreign Policy

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Obama’s Radical Foreign Policy

The new president makes the most radical foreign-policy shift in the history of the United States.

You can tell a lot about the path that a presidency will take by the first decisions a president makes. Fresh in the presidential chair, any new leader is very conscious that his early decisions will set the tone and the public image of his presidency.

Realists will be observing President Obama’s early decisions with a deal of concern for the future of America.

Mr. Obama had promised change. Few have detected just how radical that change has already been in the foreign-policy arena.

Writing for the Guardian newspaper, Martin Kettle declares, “Never mind the vaunted first 100 days. The first 10 days alone have already seen an opening to the Muslim world, the abandonment of military tribunals at Guantánamo Bay, the dispatch of a senior Middle East envoy, the unveiling of a new green agenda, the removal of the abortion bar on foreign aid programs, an eye-wateringly large fiscal stimulus package, major moves to increase government transparency, and now, as the Guardian reported yesterday, a decisive change of approach towards revolutionary Iran” (January 30).

Those “major moves to increase government transparency” refer to an action by Mr. Obama on the second day of his presidency when he issued an executive order to create new Freedom of Information Act rules, making it harder to keep the workings of government secret. The extent to which this will impact America’s security is yet to become clear. However, it has a nasty ring about it; it appears to be borne of the same mindset that gutted the cia under the Clinton administration and made the struggle for national security that much harder.

The same day, the president made clear via a draft executive order that he intends to close the Guantánamo Bay terrorist detention facility within a year, release some of its remaining 245 accused terrorist detainees, and transfer others to different sites for trial. This sends a signal to enemies that America’s days of getting tough with those who threaten the nation with terror are over.

Thus, already, by the president’s second day in office, it was becoming apparent that this is a new appeasing administration which risks gravely endangering America’s future.

But the most radical of the new president’s foreign-policy moves is one that has received scant notice from the press and mass media. It must be read in the light of a series of Mr. Obama’s initiatives tracking back to his presidential campaign strategy through to his first week in office.

Consider the following.

President Obama gave only one speech in a foreign country as he stomped the campaign trail in the run-up to the presidential election. As the location for that speech, which received global coverage, he chose Berlin, capital of the nation that had twice dragged Britain, America and the rest of the world into the two greatest wars in history.

Upon his election as America’s president, Mr. Obama’s first telephone call was not to any of America’s traditional allies, nor to the leader of any established nation, but to the leader of a non-state, the Palestinians, declared enemy of the tiny Judaic nation of Israel.

This was followed by the new president’s first television interview, given to a television station sponsored by a nation whose religion seeks to overthrow traditional Judeo-Christianity and impose its teachings on the world, a nation whose ruling class has dirtied its hands in supporting terror against Israel, Britain and the U.S.: the Saudi-sponsored Al Arabia tv network.

Yet in the whole equation of the foreign policy of the new radical-left American administration, nothing is more glaringly apparent than the severing of the partnership between the U.S. and Britain, a natural union of brother nations that joined to save the world from the tyranny threatened by two great world wars and a 40-year Cold War.

Each of the above foreign-policy maneuvers of the Obama administration simply drives another nail into the Anglo-American alliance. The mass media are largely ignorant of this radical shift in U.S. foreign policy!

The coming of the Obama administration has mortally wounded the natural symbiosis of diplomacy between Britain and America. This is a radical departure from the 200 years of mutual support and cooperation between the U.S. and Britain, particularly in matters of defense and security. The Blair-Bush years were the swan song for that strongest of natural, yet unwritten, alliances.

And which power is it that stands ready in the wings to take full advantage of this break in the U.S./Britain partnership?

None other than the European Union!

Journalist Martin Kettle astutely observes of President Obama, “If he seeks an effective global partner for his efforts on Iran, the Middle East, climate change or the restructuring of financial institutions, he will not look first to Britain …. He will look to the EU …. Likewise, if and when China or Russia want to strike deals on trade, energy or almost any other subject, they too will look first to Washington and then to Brussels, not to London” (ibid.).

There is a reason why Mr. Obama and his advisers chose Berlin as the only foreign city within which the presidential candidate would give a public speech as he stomped the campaign trail. Theirs is an isolationist portfolio. Increasingly, the Obama administration will seek to hasten the day when American troops will withdraw from their 65-year residence in Europe and hand European security over to Brussels/Berlin. In the process, the U.S. will continue to hand over its bases and its military hardware to EU control. This, as our longtime readers will observe, will spell disaster for both America and Britain in the not-too-distant future.

Martin Kettle declares the new reality that has come to the fore in international relations in the wake of the diminution of American power: “If you want peace in Sudan or Congo or Somalia, you have to want not just international aid but international peacekeeping. Existing peacekeeping efforts, though large and expensive, are also ineffective. Western engagement in these efforts would be controversial, but it could be very effective. Yet it will only happen—to the extent it happens at all—through the EU, not through nation states. There is a pressing need for an intelligent post-Iraq debate about how Europe can best develop, organize and use hard power” (ibid., emphasis mine).

When the light eventually dawns on this new American administration to reveal that the U.S. is fundamentally broke, it will increasingly, and very willingly, hand over the security of Europe to the EU. This will serve to accelerate the military agenda of the elites that frame EU foreign policy, in the process drastically upping the expression of EU “hard power.” In the process, it will encourage those who have long held to the idea of the European Union providing an EU-led “peacekeeping” force to complete the surrounding of the tiny nation of Israel with a multination force with the intent of securing stability in the strife-torn Middle East.

This, as we have consistently pointed out over the years, is all prophesied in your Bible!

Put all this together with the reality to which former Clinton aide Dick Morris awakened last September—that the U.S. is already dancing to the European Union’s tune in respect of business and finance regulations—and the prophecies of the books of Daniel and Revelation leap into perspective!

The most radical of foreign policy change in which the Obama administration is presently engaged is the breaking of the U.S.-Britain alliance that has maintained the peace of the world for the past 200 years. In the process, President Obama will be not only handing over the baton of “hard power” to the EU to fill the gap created by the breaking of the pride of Anglo-American power, he will be signing the death warrant of his own nation!

Watch the upcoming 45th Munich Security Conference slated for February 6 to 8, and the G-20 meeting convening in London and the 60th-anniversary Franco-German-hosted nato summit, both scheduled for April. These three forums will serve as platforms to further publicize both the radical foreign-policy agenda of the Obama administration toward America’s past and present enemies, and the fracturing of the Anglo-American alliance.

Watch for these three important conferences to provide the forum for the European Union—in particular its leading member, Germany—to effect a more strident voice in global affairs, increasingly overriding the drastically radicalized, and hence powerfully weakened, voice of the United States in the international arena.

If you fail to see these realities taking place before your eyes, it is simply because you lack an understanding of the Bible prophecies that have declared their inevitability and their timing for these very days that we are living through, right at this very moment!

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