Putin Plans China Visit for May

Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to visit China in May for talks with Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in what will likely be his first international trip since his reelection this week, Reuters reported Tuesday.

This illustrates the tight relationship Russia and China have.

Details: One anonymous source said the visit would take place in the second half of May. In response to the report, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said, “Several presidential visits and several high-level contacts are being prepared at the moment.” He added, “We will inform you as we get closer.”

Two sources said the visit would take place before Xi’s planned trip to Europe.

Growing Russo-Chinese relations: This trip is the latest of multiple developments showing the growing bond between Russia and China. Recent events include:

Accurate forecast: During the Cold War Herbert W. Armstrong forecast that Russia and China would ally, even as the two moved further apart. But his forecast has proved true.

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