Russia and China Target Finland as ‘Rehearsal for Potentially Larger-Scale Operations’

A Finnish Border Guard speaks to migrants at the international border crossing at Salla, northern Finland, on November 23, 2023.
JUSSI NUKARI/Lehtikuva/AFP via Getty Images

Russia and China Target Finland as ‘Rehearsal for Potentially Larger-Scale Operations’

Russia and China have coordinated operations against Finland in recent weeks “as a rehearsal for potentially larger-scale [coordinated] operations,” geostrategist Peter Zeihan said in a December 8 briefing.

Russia’s tactic has been the weaponization of illegal immigration. Russian operatives have pushed nearly a thousand migrants from North African and Middle Eastern nations across their border into Finland.

“Russia is enabling the instrumentalization of people and guiding them to the Finnish border in harsh winter conditions,” Finnish Prime Minister Petteri Orpo said in a press release last month. The aim is to overwhelm Finland’s immigration system and social services, deepening the nation’s political divisions.

Chinese coordination: Meanwhile, a Chinese vessel called the Newnew Polar Bear dropped anchor in the Gulf of Finland and proceeded to drag it across the seabed for dozens of miles, rupturing a gas pipeline and a telecommunications cable in Finnish waters. Authorities estimate it could take six months to repair the damaged pipeline, leaving it inoperable during winter months when it is badly needed.

Finnish authorities believe both incidents were intentional. Ziehan argues that it marks an important milestone in Russia-China coordination against Western powers.

This could be practice for the Russians and the Chinese, who have historically not cooperated or coordinated their actions. Doing so in different regions but against the same country, which recently joined nato, serves as a rehearsal for potentially larger-scale operations, possibly aiming to force the [United States] to focus on multiple fronts simultaneously.
—Peter Zeihan

Alliance prophesied: The Trumpet and our forerunner magazine, the Plain Truth, have maintained for more than 60 years that Russia and China would build a military alliance that will play a major role in World War iii. We maintained this forecast even during decades when Russia and China were mortal enemies at war with each other. That is because our forecast is based on Bible prophecy. Now that alliance is plain for all to see, and it is preparing to change the world.

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