China Secretly Sends Russia Enough Gear to Have ‘Material Impact’ on War

China has secretly sold Russia more than $100 million worth of drones this year, Politico Europe reported on July 24, citing customs records. The drones assist Russia’s war on Ukraine by enabling operators to guide artillery fire, create maps, or drop grenades. Some models also have thermal optical sights, allowing Russian troops to target Ukrainians at night.

Chinese companies have also sold Russia $225 million worth of a type of ceramics used in body armor, an increase of nearly 70 percent over last year’s quantity.

Evidence of this kind shows that China, despite Beijing’s calls for peace, is pushing right up to a red line in delivering enough nonlethal, but militarily useful, equipment to Russia to have a material impact on President Vladimir Putin’s 17-month-old war on Ukraine.

A separate report in June showed that Russia’s military received significant quantities of Chinese-made armored vehicles. The vehicles are multipurpose personnel carriers manufactured by Chinese defense company Shaanxi Baoji Special Vehicles Manufacturing, and they are known as the “China Tiger.”

The Trumpet said: The support China continues to provide Russia has caught some unawares, particularly since it jeopardizes the Western trade that the Chinese economy relies so heavily on. But the Trumpet has warned for decades that Russian-Chinese cooperation would increase, to the detriment of world peace.

Asia Still Stands With Putin” explains why we have long maintained this forecast:

Ezekiel 38:2 foretold the Russian power we now see rising, led by a rō’š nāśî’ (or “prince of Russia”). This scripture also mentions “the land of Magog,” which includes modern China and other nations. This indicates that this Russian leader will rally other Asian peoples behind Moscow.

The prophecy Ezekiel recorded was for the end time. It specifies that Russia will be the leader of this massive Asian alliance. That is a key to understanding today’s geopolitics. …

Another key scripture to understand is Revelation 9:16, a prophecy that the end-time “kings of the east” Asian power bloc will field the largest military in history. It comes from the same regions described in Ezekiel 38, and China, India and Russia have the only populations that could produce a combined army of 200 million troops.

A military force of 200 million men is far more than Russia could ever field from its own population. But once the hundreds of millions from China’s population are factored in, building an army of that size under “Prince” Vladimir Putin’s lead becomes easily attainable.

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