Russia and China Discuss Military Use of Artificial Intelligence

Chinese and Russian officials agreed to coordinate on the military use of artificial intelligence during talks in Beijing on February 1. Officials from the two countries discussed emerging technologies that could soon define geopolitical conflicts such as “outer space security, biosecurity and artificial intelligence,” a Chinese statement said.

In the context of AI, the two agreed to more closely cooperate within the Convention on Inhumane Weapons on Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems, a United Nations-backed forum that aims to ban autonomous weapons that cause unnecessary or unjustifiable suffering.

“The meeting confirmed the closeness of the Russian and Chinese approaches to this issue,” a Russian statement said.

Humanlike intelligence: AI is an emerging technology that aims to create humanlike intelligence in machines. Major powers such as the United States, Russia, China and Europe are heavily investing in exploring the possibilities of AI, many of which pertain to military use. There are currently no agreed upon rules for the technology.

The Trumpet says: The apparent knowledge, reasoning ability and even emotion that AI has displayed have stunned many of the programmers who developed the technology. Most people do not understand how the technology works, and some are concerned it could threaten humanity’s existence.

Bible prophecy indicates that the dark side of this complicated and powerful technology will soon be exploited by evil individuals leading expansionist nations.

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