U.S. Ships Flee From Houthis

Two American ships near the Gulf of Aden off Yemen retreated from Houthi strikes on Wednesday.

This shows that terrorists are more willing than ever to push at mighty powers, including the United States.

Strikes and counterstrikes: Since November, the Yemen-based terrorist group has attacked any vessel traversing the Red Sea that is even loosely linked to Israel. U.S. and British forces finally responded with counterstrikes, including a significant attack on January 22.

The most recent Houthi offensive shows that these terrorists do not fear the U.S. and will continue to antagonize their enemies.

The big picture: Part of the reason for their boldness is that Iran is backing them. Iran is using its control over the Red Sea to push at Western powers.

This trend was prophesied in the Bible. This push will continue until the world enters a nuclear World War iii.

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