U.S. and UK Strike Houthis Again

Armed forces from the United States and United Kingdom struck eight Houthi targets on January 22, marking the second major attack on the Yemeni terrorist group by the two countries.

The Pentagon said it hit Houthi drones, an underground weapons storage facility, and radar, missile and air surveillance sites used by the Houthis, who have disrupted Red Sea shipping since November.

U.S. officials said the strikes had the “intended effect” and have degraded the Houthis’ ability to carry out attacks.

The strikes were supported by Australia, Bahrain, Canada and the Netherlands, the Pentagon said.

Houthi response: Officials with the Houthis said they have received no damage reports and that some sites had been struck previously. The Houthis threatened to hit back as a result of the strikes.

We say to the American and British forces, rest assured that every operation and aggression against our country will not go unanswered. Anticipate the response every minute, if not every second. Be prepared for an imminent retaliation, and undoubtedly, the consequences and burden will be upon you, by the will of Allah
—Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, Houthi leader

The Trumpet says: The Houthis are sponsored and directed by Iran. Their disruption of maritime traffic in the Red Sea is part of Iran’s war against Israel, which is dramatically accelerating Bible prophecy.

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