Iran ‘Directly Involved’ in Houthi Attacks

Iran is “very directly involved” in Houthi attacks on Red Sea vessels, said Brad Cooper, the top Mideast commander in the United States Navy, on Monday.

Since November, the Yemen-based Houthi terrorist group has attacked any vessels in the Red Sea that it views as even loosely linked to Israel in order to aid Hamas’s war against Israel.

These attacks have hurt Western commerce in the most important trade route in the world, prompting Western retaliation. But the Houthis would not carry out such attacks without approval and support from Iran.

Iran is clearly funding, they’re resourcing, they are supplying and they’re providing training. They’re obviously very directly involved. There’s no secret there.
—Brad Cooper

Prophesied push: Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry has warned for years that Iran would use its proxies and influence in the Red Sea to push at Western powers.

The Bible not only foretold Iran’s “push” against Western nations, but also forecasts its result: the largest conflict in Middle East history.

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