China Gives Russia Armored Vehicles

Russia’s military has received Chinese-made armored vehicles. On Wednesday, Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of Russia’s Chechnya region, posted video footage on his Telegram account of eight Chinese-armored vehicles. According to Indian Defense Research Wing, the vehicles “will be deployed for Chechen units participating in the Special Military Operation in Ukraine,” better known as Russia’s war against Ukraine.

The vehicles are China’s multipurpose personnel carriers, known as the China Tiger, and built by Chinese defense company Shaanxi Baoji Special Vehicles Manufacturing. It is not clear when the armored vehicles arrived or how they reached the Chechen fighters. When contacted, Baoji did not respond. Russia also did not respond to requests for comment. China’s Foreign Ministry said it was unaware of the situation and that it always adhered to its “not adding fuel to the fire” policy in Ukraine.

Hypocrisy? China regularly expresses disapproval of nations providing military aid to Ukraine. Just last week, China’s peace envoy to Ukraine said these nations “exacerbate the situation,” and in order to solve the war, nations must “stop sending weapons to the battlefield.”

But this is not the first time that Chinese equipment has been found in the hands of Russian forces. Throughout the course of its invasion of Ukraine, China has given “non-lethal” or dual-use aid to Russia. This is equipment not explicitly stated as military aid but can be used for military purposes. In fact, Ukraine forces have confirmed that Chinese components have been found in Russian weapons left on the battlefield.

China continues to deny that it is directly supporting Russia’s military. But recent history proves that the nation is increasingly leaning toward Russia and its revisionist ambitions. Bible prophecy shows China will grow to support Russia and its interests more fully. Watch as China’s support for Russia becomes far more substantial.

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