Hunter Biden Avoids Prison Time in Plea Deal

Hunter Biden reached a deal with federal prosecutors in Delaware: He will plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges and likely avoid jail time for a firearm offense, according to a court filing on Tuesday.

Charges: The first charge is for willful failure to pay roughly $1 million in federal income tax in 2017 and 2018. The second charge is a felony: owning a handgun while being an illegal drug user. He lied about this on a required federal form and was later caught with the weapon, drugs and prostitutes. Nonetheless, he will evade jail time if he completes two years of probation.

Is it over? His attorney said the deal meant the criminal investigation of Hunter “is resolved.” Another source told Politico that it was a “comprehensive resolution” of all of Hunter’s criminal matters being looked into by federal authorities.

In other words, they don’t believe he will be investigated further. However, Delaware attorney David Weiss said the investigation was “ongoing.”

‘A slap on the wrist’: The deal completely ignores substantial allegations of Hunter’s corrupt business dealings while working for Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company accused of paying the Biden family in exchange for policy decisions.

Charging him for a couple of misdemeanors and a felony without jail time is the regime’s way of appearing impartial while still showing themselves to be above the law. Rep. James Comer called the charges “a slap on the wrist” that does nothing to address accusations of bribery, influence peddling and corruption.

Convenient timing: Hunter Biden has been under federal investigation for five years. These charges could have been brought up at any time. Why now? Because it coincides with Donald Trump’s indictment, a convenient diversion from the Biden family’s crimes, especially with the upcoming election.

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