Russia’s New Foreign Policy Names China, India as Key Allies

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russia’s New Foreign Policy Names China, India as Key Allies

Russia has named China and India as its key allies on the global stage in a new foreign-policy document adopted by Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 31. The 42-page document calls China and India “friendly nations” and emphasizes Russia’s aim of “deepening ties and coordination” with both.

The document also stresses that Russia will strive to eliminate American dominance in world affairs, largely by working with nations such as China and India in various multinational organizations. It states:

In order to help adapt the world order to the realities of a multipolar world, Russia intends to make it one of priorities to enhance the capacity and international role of the interstate association of brics, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (sco), the Commonwealth of Independent States (cis), the Eurasian Economic Union (eaeu), the Collective Security Treaty Organization (csto), the ric (Russia, India, China) and other interstate associations and international organizations, as well as mechanisms with strong Russian participation.

The Russian document comes after a year of China and India giving Russia steady economic and political backing, even as much of the Western world aims to isolate Russia over its war on Ukraine.

Some onlookers have been surprised to see China and especially India supporting Russia’s brutal war. But the Trumpet and our forerunner magazine, the Plain Truth, have warned for over 60 years that Asian countries would band together in the modern era.

“Russia’s program is not to take Europe and to attack the United States, first. [Instead it] calls first for the seizure of Asia. Lenin wrote that the way to Paris, London and New York is via [Beijing] and Delhi! [China’s] constant dream for centuries has been ultimate world conquest! … China knows, however, that in this highly industrialized age she can accomplish this dream only as an ally of Russia. … [Russian leaders] will ultimately control not only the Russian states, but China … and India as well!” (Plain Truth, December 1959).

The Plain Truth and Trumpet have been publishing this same basic warning for more than six decades because our analysis is founded on a source of intelligence altogether different from those used by other analysts: the Bible. Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry explained in “Asia Still Stands With Putin” from the May-June 2022 issue:

Two of the largest, most populous, most powerful nations in the world are supporting Putin! This is a stunning fulfillment of a biblical prophecy! … As I explain in The Prophesied ‘Prince of Russia,’ Ezekiel 38:2 foretold the Russian power we now see rising, led by a rō’š nāśî’ (or “prince of Russia”). This scripture also mentions “the land of Magog,” which includes modern China and other nations. This indicates that this Russian leader will rally other Asian peoples behind Moscow.

The prophecy Ezekiel recorded was for the end time. It specifies that Russia will be the leader of this massive Asian alliance. That is a key to understanding today’s geopolitics.

Other Bible prophecies strongly suggest that India will also unite with these Eastern nations. … Another key scripture to understand is Revelation 9:16, a prophecy that the end-time “kings of the east” Asian power bloc will field the largest military in history. It comes from the same regions described in Ezekiel 38, and China, India and Russia have the only populations that could produce a combined army of 200 million troops.

An army of 200 million troops is many times more than Russia could assemble from its own population. But once China’s 1.4 billion people and India’s 1.4 billion are factored in to the equation, it is easy to see how a force of that immense size could emerge under “Prince” Putin’s leadership. And as Russia continues to prioritize its relations with China and India, the groundwork is being laid for that very development.

To better understand the importance of these events and the hope that lies at the heart of them, read “Asia Still Stands With Putin” and order your free copy of The Prophesied ‘Prince of Russia.’