Rufaro Manyepa

Intelligence Report on Wuhan Lab Leak Exposes Deceitful Media

The ‘deep state’ is real. Its ineptitude is not.

The Russians are persistent. They are determined to perfect an ecological biohazard they can unleash on the United States.

Russian president’s 5,000-word manifesto is a clear statement of intent.

The ‘Land of the Free’ goes from jab persuasion to flat-out coercion.

China’s rapid nuclear proliferation is part of a trend that is setting the Earth on a dangerous path.

It’s true: The planet is warming up. But the theory that high carbon emissions directly result in higher temperatures is nothing less than fraudulent.

Hong Kongers are mourning both the death of the Apple Daily and the death of democracy.

Why has Moscow justified Myanmar’s coup, shielded its military from harsher sanctions, and continued its arms sales to the violent junta? Bible prophecy supplies the answer.

One disaster after another is devastating the land down under.

Without active parental intervention, governmental policies will cause irreparable damage to our children.

Cancel culture is a weapon unsheathed only for a certain kind of enemy, and only for a specific purpose.

The touted numbers grossly underestimate China’s military standing and dangerously overestimate America’s.

The announcement of the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan has presented Russia with the perfect opportunity to bolster its presence in the region.

The movement ‘confuses correlation with causation.’

Old Macdonald can’t afford to keep his farm. And the government is refusing to help him.

Out with Lord Adm. Horatio Nelson; in with Greta Thunberg

Something is rotten in the District of Columbia.

America is in the middle of an ideological bloodbath. But amid all the violence and casualties, one question remains: What is the truth?

‘It is said that Cuba is not a priority for the United States.’ Well, it certainly is for Russia.

Germany and Europe say they are against China’s authoritarianism. But the truth is that the Chinese market is simply too lucrative to abandon.

‘China is not taking its foot off the gas.’

But Moscow’s chilling military challenge ‘frightens Europe’ even more.

Never let a crisis go to waste.

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