Rufaro Manyepa

U.S. Navy Deploys Three Aircraft Carriers Into South China Sea

Tensions with China are reaching the boiling point.

As the world takes a knee for Black Lives Matter, it’s business as usual for anti-Semitism.

As trust in China’s One Belt, One Road initiative falters, India might have an alternative to connect Asia and Africa to Europe.

The attack on law enforcement is part of a sinister plot decades in the making.

The global trade order is about to be restructured.

The ‘rumors of wars’ are getting louder.

‘Space is the unsung achievement of Indian industry in many ways.’

The Bundeswehr’s affinity for Nazism is revealed—again.

‘Nazism is not dead; it is merely underground.’

Where is the toughening attitude toward migrants leading?

Beijing continues to push the U.S. out of East Africa and soon out of global trade.

However, China is urging patience—and playing the long game.

The government’s poor handling of the crisis is making the people restless.

The raw data speaks volumes about the overall condition of society as a whole.

Millions are at risk. Can governments provide the answer?

The arrest of pro-democracy activists shows China is acting while the pandemic keeps protesters at home.

And the death toll will be high.

Meanwhile, both are blaming America.

China continues strategic maritime incursions under cover of the disease.

The economic impact of the disease is pushing the U.S. out of the Middle East—and clearing the way for Iran.

China turns its attention from coronavirus to military intimidation.

As the world continues to panic about coronavirus, the kings of the east are preparing to unite.

The disease has practically brought the world to a standstill.

The king of the south is preparing for the push.

Europe seeks to collectively tackle Islamic terrorism on the Continent.

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