Rufaro Manyepa

The Real Reason for a ‘Ministry of Truth’

Soon, criminal behavior won’t be merely doing the wrong thing, but also thinking anything contrary to what the government wants you to think.

The rumors of war are growing louder and louder.

The left says it’s white supremacy. The truth is far worse.

A warning for the West

It might seem like the left’s efforts will win out, but God’s designs for true justice will be accomplished.

The only way to find the solution is to identify the real underlying cause.

Not only were scandals common in the Obama years, but they completely underpinned his entire presidency. They were the deliberate efforts of a man who pledged to ‘fundamentally transform America.’

Empty shelves are coming to a supermarket near you.

Is a world where no one is burdened by crippling debt possible?

What appears to be a simple act of aggression is, in fact, a stern warning from Iran.

The United States might be letting Beijing have free rein, but Europe will not.

What is to blame for this latest disaster?

America’s financial curses are a direct result of broken morality.

After two turbulent, COVID-infected years, many are looking to Christmas as an anesthetic. But the truth is, this holiday is more a poison than a painkiller.

Even if the invasion doesn’t happen, Putin’s mastery of mind games is putting Europe on edge.

Democracy’s failure is opening the door for major powers to come in and take over the resource-rich continent.

The war on statues was never going to be limited to the Confederacy. America’s entire history is the primary target.

‘Woke’ children’s books are at the heart of the Communist infiltration.

Some in America are skeptical of China’s advancements. But for Europe, America’s diminishing global status leaves no room for skepticism.

The journey to critical race theory begins with this first step.

Why the deception? In a word—profit.

The tolerance, and even yearning, for division is far more dangerous than many realize.

How trips to Capitol Hill and New York City taught me a lot about God and America

Facebook doesn’t care about your daughter.

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