‘Twitter Files’ Cause Media Meltdown

Since Elon Musk purchased Twitter, the maverick billionaire has incrementally released private communications from the former leadership. The “Twitter Files” expose corruption and censorship among Twitter executives and the United States government. Yet surprisingly—or perhaps unsurprisingly—many mainstream outlets are discrediting the story. Notice the following recent headlines:

The Vanity Fair article claims that restricting access to conservatives’ profiles without informing account holders doesn’t count as “shadow banning.” The Atlantic claimed “the ‘Twitter Files’ entries are sloppy, anecdotal, devoid of context, and, well, old news.” The Guardian claims the “Twitter Files” “show us never to trust Elon Musk.”

Many such mediums conveniently ignore collusion between Twitter and government agencies. The files show groups like the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security telling Twitter which messages to remove. This is, according to the U.S. Constitution, very illegal.

Mainstream television news is also trying to discredit Musk. A tally by news clipping service Grabien shows that, as of December 12, major news organizations abc, cbs and nbc collectively mentioned the phrase “Twitter Files” once.

Normally, the media salivates at the exposing of controversial memos from governments and major corporations. One only has to think of the media’s obsession over every little leak that came out during the Trump administration. The media’s deafening silence over the “Twitter Files” is more than disinterest. It shows they were in on the corruption and manipulation the whole time.

The antagonism between the media and the truth is deeply important. To learn why, read Gerald Flurry’s recent cover story, “Ready for War.”