Biden: China Needs to Take Control of North Korea Situation

United States President Joe Biden asked Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping to take control of the escalating nuclear situation in North Korea during their November 14 meeting in Indonesia.

I’ve made it clear to President Xi Jinping that I thought they had an obligation to attempt to make it clear to North Korea that they should not engage in long-range nuclear tests.
—Joe Biden

Escalation: North Korea has launched a record number of missiles this year. In recent weeks, North Korea has stated that these launches are simulations of attacks on South Korea and the United States.

  • Both South Korean and U.S. officials have confirmed that North Korea is in a position where it could conduct its seventh nuclear test.

China’s position: It is clear China is not bothered by North Korea’s recent missile launches and even supports North Korea’s nuclear weapons buildup.

  • On November 4, the United Nations Security Council failed to agree on a joint statement that would condemn North Korea for its ballistic missile launches. Two of the 15 member nations disagreed with the condemnation: China and Russia.
  • Instead, China and Russia blamed America’s sanctions.

The real threat: Biden has gone to China for help with North Korea, but the real nation he should be wary of is China itself—along with China’s closest ally, Russia.

The Bible’s prophecies show that, in a sense, the North Korea crisis is a massive distraction from the real threat posed by China and Russia. These powerful Asian nations are the only reason North Korea is able to operate so freely. And Bible prophecy shows that they pose a threat many times greater than the one from North Korea!
—Gerald Flurry, Trumpet editor in chief

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