Super Draghi Calls the Tune in Cyprus


Super Draghi Calls the Tune in Cyprus

Mario Draghi rides to the rescue in Cyprus.

So a deal is done on the Cypriot economic debacle. But in the end, when push came to shove, it was not the troika, nor Merkel, nor Putin, least of all Cyprus’s president, Anastasiadis, but that Jesuit son of Rome, ecb head Mario Draghi, who flung down the gauntlet to the embattled island nation with an ultimatum that had one news source describing it as “acting with unprecedented severity.”

The suave, sophisticated Italian president of the European Central Bank threatened Cyprus with a complete cessation of funding if the government did not agree to the EU’s stringent bailout terms.

Cyprus, as we have long predicted, is but a vassal state of the European Union now, its future at the behest of the Rome/Berlin axis.

We are yet to see what secret deal has been concluded with Russia to protect the substantial funds that nation has on deposit in Cypriot banks.

But of real significance is the reality that the Rome/Berlin axis has now secured the crucially strategic Mediterranean Sea as EU territory, complete with the island stepping stones to Africa and the Middle East—Malta, Greece and Cyprus, through control of both the Greek and Cypriot economies, and strong influence over that of Malta.

That, as Spiegel maintains, “the real loser is the eurozone” is quite obvious to any analyst of this situation. That such an outcome was by deliberate design, is not so apparent.

Ex-EU official and eurozone whistle-blower Bernard Connolly, in his sizzling account of the Catholic German elites who constructed the eurozone for their own imperialist, Holy Roman ends—The Rotten Heart of Europe—claims that the euro was designed to fail from the beginning.

As he mentions in his further account of the euro project, Circle of Barbed Wire, “the erm [European Monetary Union] and its transmogrification into a coming monetary union … was always going to be, and was always intended to be, disastrous ….”

Disastrous, that is, for those nations now caught in its imperialist maw, directed to act at the diktat of the Rome/Berlin axis—Ireland, Portugal, Belgium, Greece, Cyprus—and whichever unfortunates are next on the Euro agenda.

When former European Convention Chairman Valery Giscard d’Estaing and former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt held a summit at Aachen, seat of Charlemagne’s empire, to conclude their personal agreement on the erm, d’Estaing observed that “Perhaps when we discussed monetary problems, the spirit of Charlemagne brooded over us.”

Duped by Germany into believing that the creation of the German Reich was a bold step in taking a recently united German nation in 1871 on the path to a new federal union akin to the United States, U.S. President Grant failed to see the powerful influence of imperialist German elites behind the vision of a Reich that was to become, as Connolly writes, “Prussian-dominated, personal, dynastic, authoritarian and illiberal” (ibid).

Unfortunately, Washington has again failed to deduce the true nature of the beast arising in Europe. The latest imposition of onerous conditions slapped on Cyprus by the ecb, to “save” it from total financial disaster, is but a reminder that, in Bernard Connolly’s terms, we ought “to see the ‘European flag’ for what it is: a circle of barbed wire.”

The implication is that Europe is becoming one giant concentration camp, destined to act under the iron rule of the Rome/Berlin axis, a virtual resurrection of the old Holy Roman Empire.

Mario Draghi, the “war dragon” of the eurozone, has called the tune yet again on European finance, and it won’t be his last act by far as European elites extend their circle of barbed wire of European regulation around the Continent. Inevitably, Draghi’s latest action on the Cyprus debacle is but one more step toward the fulfillment of the great prophecy of Revelation 13:15-17.

Read our booklet Germany’s Conquest of the Balkans for the history and prophecy relating to these vital events developing daily in Europe, events destined to affect your life increasingly as the months ahead race by toward the grand fulfillment of that ultimate prophecy which declares the imminence of the return of the Savior of mankind foreshadowed by them.

These are indeed the “signs of the times”!