Rise of the Hawks

Rise of the Hawks

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China’s ascendency is making the neighbors nervous—and spawning a resurgence of nationalism throughout Northeast Asia.
From the March 2013 Trumpet Print Edition

Beijing’s multiplying power and intensifying belligerency are driving a surge of nationalism in Northeast Asia. Concerns among China’s neighbor nations range from the commercial—over issues like Beijing’s rapacious drive for resources—to the geopolitical—including matters like China’s aggressive offshore territorial claims and the unveiling of its first aircraft carrier.

“The sense of unhappiness with China among ordinary people in some countries has been getting more acute by the day,” said Guo Jiguang, an expert on Southeast Asian politics at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. As this unhappiness spreads over the continent, it is opening the way for new leaders to rise to power—leaders acutely aware of the dangers China’s rise presents, and who appear prepared to take measures to counter it.

Most notable among the Asian states swinging toward nationalism and militarism is Japan. But the Koreas are also part of the resurgence, with both the North and South now being ruled by descendants of Cold War dictators. China itself is now ruled by the son of a Communist Chinese revolutionary hero, a close comrade of Chairman Mao.

These are sobering trends, and they fall perfectly in line with forecasts the Trumpet has been making for decades.

Japan’s LDP Returns

On Dec. 16, 2012, three years after being ousted from power, Japan’s conservative Liberal Democratic Party (ldp) scored a landmark electoral comeback. The militarism and nationalism that saturated the election campaign showed the growing concern among Japan’s ruling class over China’s belligerency. It also demonstrated Tokyo’s resolve to reassert Japan’s interests by every method, including military action.

ldp leader Shinzo Abe, who became Japan’s premier on December 26, embodies the party’s hawkish agenda. The premier has vowed repeatedly to challenge Japan’s pacifist constitution and to increase its defense spending. His grandfather, Nobusuke Kishi, helped run Japanese-occupied Manchuria and was later imprisoned for war crimes under the U.S. postwar occupation. In 1957, Kishi became Japan’s prime minister and tried to abolish the pacifist clause from the nation’s constitution. Like his grandfather, Abe seeks constitutional revisions to “normalize” and strengthen Japan’s military. He wishes to bring an end to what he has called “Japan’s self-torturing history”—the handwringing over Tokyo’s egregious war crimes. Abe now holds a supermajority power that allows him to override any upper house vetoes of his legislation.

Japan has long been moving toward a quiet “normalization” of its military, but is now likely to make the change official and deeper. “In many ways, the Japanese have been making that change anyway,” Stratfor’s North Asia analyst Rodger Baker said. “The Japanese military has advanced weapons systems, it’s got advanced training, it’s got better interoperability. In many ways, [changing the constitution is] really just removing that last little fiction, rather than a fundamental alteration of Japanese military capabilities” (Dec. 21, 2012).

Under Abe, Tokyo has already made changes that transcend symbolism. In the second week of January, Japan’s Defense Ministry announced an increase of more than ¥100 billion (us$1.1 billion) to its military budget and announced plans to request an additional ¥180.5 billion (us$2.1 billion) from a government stimulus package.

The United States welcomes Japan’s military expansion because it wants to contain China’s mushrooming influence without expending too much of its own resources. For this reason, the Obama administration has encouraged Japan to expand its military and to take a sturdier stance against Beijing. This tougher stance against China will accelerate under Abe.

Though Abe’s nationalistic notions are saluted by Washington, they worry Japan’s neighbors, who vividly remember Tokyo’s savage rampage across Asia 70 years ago. When Abe announced that he wants to expand Japan’s military power, the China Daily called him a “warmonger with dangerous designs.”

Today’s Japan looks eerily like 1930s Japan, when the country was walloped by a steep decrease in world trade and stumbled into political and economic malaise. The militaristic regime in power tried to remedy the crisis by waging wars for raw materials and markets. Japan’s 1931 invasion of Manchuria, and later of China as a whole, was a part of this attempt. Japan employed shockingly brutal methods to conduct its occupation of other nations.

The world has changed considerably since the Pacific War ended in 1945 when the U.S. dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Among the most significant changes has been China’s ascendance on the global stage.

China’s Task

“China’s … projection of newfound power is putting pressure on all the other countries in the region,” said Barbara Demick, the Beijing bureau chief of the Los Angeles Times. This gets to the heart of why Japan is marching toward militarism. It is possible Abe may not stay in power for long, but the tide of Japanese nationalism and militarism that swept his party to victory is swelling quickly. And the swell is almost entirely because Japan fears China’s rise. Explaining why the Japanese military needed the additional funds, the Defense Ministry spokesman gave a thinly veiled answer: “[T]o prepare for the changing security environment surrounding Japan.”

In November, the Chinese Communist Party (ccp) installed Xi Jinping as general secretary. It is potentially significant that Xi, like the other three new Asian leaders, has nationalist bloodlines. There is an “almost nationalistic drive in all these countries,” Baker said. “[W]hether it’s through election, through the rejection of the existing parties, or just through the way in which the parties are shaping and organizing themselves.”

In 2012, political scandals damaged the party’s public image, but the system survived, and the ccp now faces the daunting task of managing the great social and economic change underway throughout China. The change makes Beijing insecure, and its anxiety is evident in the Chinese military’s intensifying belligerence over China’s claims in the South and East China seas, and Southeast Asia.

The Korean peninsula, stuck between Japan’s military normalization and China’s intensifying belligerency, could move toward greater rapprochement, particularly since North Korea would like to gradually reduce its dependence on Beijing’s support.

In the meantime, the Philippines and Vietnam—China’s most outspoken opponents in Southeast Asia—will keep pushing for increased integration among members of asean, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

The Failure of Globalization

In his assessment, Baker said Asia’s surging nationalism indicates the failure of globalization in the region: “There is a long history with all of these candidates with family lineages that goes back into regional politics. And at a time where people have been focusing for the past few decades on this concept of globalization and the breaking down of barriers, I think one of the things that we’re seeing in Northeast Asia is the reflection that geopolitics matters—that history matters—and that the national interests are very strong in each of these countries. And they’re seeing a shift in the way in which they can balance with each other.”

For decades, militarism and nationalism were viewed as outmoded and backward ideologies in places like Japan. But with each passing month, China is more hell-bent on dominating Asia and forcibly expanding its territory. U.S. leaders remain largely oblivious to the potential dangers, but Asian policymakers view it as a major shift that demands major adjustments in their foreign policies.

Nationalism is a self-perpetuating ideology, perhaps more so in Asia than any other continent. When one country takes a step in a nationalist direction, its neighbors rapidly follow suit. Despite an increase in political and economic cooperation, Asian nations tend to view each other as rivals. More and more citizens of the nations around China believe war should be undertaken if that is what is required to stop Beijing. Their increasing concern prompts them to elect governments willing to draw a line in the sand that they won’t allow China to cross.

Nationalism and militarism are on the rise throughout Asia. Although the countries’ swings to the right are at present designed to protect themselves from other Asian nations, all of the intra-Asian tensions will soon be trumped by concern about a common enemy.

Future Unity

Daniel 11:40-41 speak of a showdown “at the time of the end” between “the king of the north”—a German-led European empire—and “the king of the south,” a radical Islamist empire led by Iran. This prophecy explains that this European entity will enter into “the glorious land”—Israel—and overthrow many countries. But the great military success of this European power will not go unchecked!

The pivotal prophecy continues in verse 44: “… [T]idings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him ….” After destroying the king of the south power, the European empire will be troubled by what is happening to its east and north—that is, in Asia!

The moves toward nationalism underway in Japan, China and throughout Northeast Asia are largely the result of disputes among Asian states, and, above all, because of fear of China’s rise. But all of these intra-Asian hostilities will soon be set aside so they can form a bloc to meet this colossal European force.

Asia’s swing toward nationalism points to a dark time on the horizon, but the Bible makes plain that the clash between Europe and Asia will be interrupted by the most spectacular event in history: Jesus Christ will return to put an end to the conflict between East and West, and between all other peoples on Earth! He will usher in an era of divine rulership that will bring about peace and prosperity for all mankind.

Hurricane Sandy Swamps President Obama’s Budget

Hurricane Sandy Swamps President Obama’s Budget

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The $50 billion President Obama planned on saving is wiped out with one ‘act of God.’

Congress approved a plan to save America from the fiscal cliff on January 1. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Yet, only one month later, the Hurricane Sandy relief bill has blown away any supposed savings that would have come from the plan.

The plan to avoid the fiscal cliff shielded millions of Americans from tax increases that would have come into effect at the end of January. It also raised tax rates on households making more than $450,000 per year. The plan also delayed the automatic spending cuts to the Pentagon and other government agencies that were scheduled to hit in March.

All told, President Obama hoped to bring in $40 billion for the government this fiscal year.

However, the Hurricane Sandy aid package passed on Monday was $50 billion. Since the government is already borrowing to finance current spending, that $50 billion will go straight to the deficit. All the money gained from those additional taxes will be completely negated.

The January 1 tax deal was supposed to give the government time to come up with another way of financing its agencies, and supporting the unemployed of America. Now the government will have to find an additional way of coming up with $50 billion.

More taxes anyone? Or is there a better solution?

When Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast, killing more than 130 people, Americans should have asked themselves why this happened. It wasn’t due to global warming.

God could have protected America, but He didn’t. Why was that?

God is cursing America because of its disobedience to His law. Regardless of what man does—regardless of how many surge walls and wind barriers are erected—these powerful acts of God will continue. And the economy- and budget-crushing costs will keep flooding in.

For more on the reasons why America is torn by natural disasters, order a free copy of Why ‘Natural’ Disasters? today.

The Incredible Shrinking Man

The Incredible Shrinking Man


What is wrong with men today? As women thrive, men lag in education, employment—and, it seems, just general ambition. Here’s a look at some of the causes—and the solution.
From the March 2013 Trumpet Print Edition

This past summer I visited a group of teenage boys at a summer camp and gave them some sobering news: If you follow the trend in society, you’re going to end up being sloths and underachievers. And women are going to leave you in their vapor trails.

It’s true, and it’s unmistakable: Female is the new male.

Girls dominate boys in education, from elementary through graduate school. Women are taking over the workforce. Hundreds of formerly male-dominated careers are becoming feminized. More and more wives outearn their husbands. Fathers are fading away inside their own families, and rising illegitimate births and single-parenthood are pushing them out of the child-rearing picture altogether.

Boys and men are passively watching it happen. Many of them, rather than working to stay ahead of or even keep up with women, are responding by waging something of a sit-down strike. They’re playing video games more than 2½ times as much as girls. They’re living with their parents at double the rate of their female peers. They’re dropping out of the labor pool in record numbers.

The result is effectively a reversal of a male-female dynamic that has existed for virtually all of human history.

Feminists may celebrate, but more and more people are recognizing that this trend has come with some steep costs we’re only starting to see. Even women are frustrated with today’s breed of spineless, ambitionless manboys. There is a genuine problem here.

The Ambition Gap

Women’s ambition is soaring. The facts are scrupulously spelled out in recent books like Hanna Rosin’s The End of Men: And the Rise of Women and Liza Mundy’s The Richer Sex: How the New Majority of Female Breadwinners Is Transforming Sex, Love, and Family. Women are pursuing higher education in far greater numbers than men. They’re remaining aloof from serious relationships so as not to derail their career aspirations (one college senior told Rosin that guys “are the new ball and chain”). Research shows young women expect higher earnings and better professional advancement than young men do.

And that is the flip side of this story. While women are surging with confidence and enjoying greater success, men are shrinking back. There is a growing ambition gap between the sexes. Women are increasingly driven to succeed in school, work and life; men seem ever more willing just to occupy a comfy spot on the couch.

“All my top academic students, my really top performers, have heavily been women,” Jeanine Mount, associate dean for academic affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Pharmacy, told Rosin. “I don’t know why. They are not inherently more intelligent than the men. Maybe they bring a different kind of focus to their work.”

Mount calls the men at her school a “lost generation.” They tend to be less driven, she says; they don’t have the same “hunger.”

Not long ago, men had an ample supply of that “hunger.” Today it is broadly, demonstrably absent. It’s as if the fire in their bellies has been quenched, on a massive scale. Or, perhaps more accurately, it has relocated—into the bosom of women.

Mount notes that virtually all the leaders within her university’s various student groups—school government, service organizations, campus fraternities—are women. Regarding college students, Rosin writes, “Guys high-five one another when they get a C, while girls beat themselves up over a B-minus. Guys play video games in their dorm rooms while girls crowd the library. Girls get their degrees with no drama, while guys seem always in danger of drifting away.”

Measurements of men’s shriveling ambitions are everywhere. Consider the five milestones that sociologists traditionally use to define the transition to adulthood: finishing school, leaving the parents’ nest, becoming financially independent, getting married and having a child. In 1960, about two thirds of men had passed all five milestones by age 30. By 2000, it had dropped to half that. In 1970, four in five 25-to-29-year-old men were married. Now the figure is two in five.

What are these guys doing? Nearly six in ten of them—among 18-to-24-year-old males—live with their parents. Even among 25-to-34-year-olds, it’s still almost two in ten.

Lest you think this is simply a sign of today’s troubled economy, consider: Those figures are almost double the rate among women the same age.

And forget masculine financial independence. Nearly 60 percent of parents are giving money to their grown kids—a lot of money. Adults between ages 18 and 34 who enjoy parental subsidies receive a hearty average of $38,340 a year. It’s localized Social Security, flipped upside down, with older workers supporting younger “retirees.”

And wouldn’t you know it, young men seem perfectly content with—or perhaps complacent about—their dependency. They’ve grown up in a world that praises them indiscriminately and teaches them never to judge. As a result, research shows, these “failures to launch” actually have ample self-esteem, and they’re confident success will come to them (though they’re not necessarily motivated to chase it down). They feel plenty good about themselves, living in Mom’s basement.

The ladies, on the other hand, aren’t impressed.

Marriage Dream Vs. Single Reality

For young people, the idea of marriage still holds considerable charm. A 2006 poll showed that more than 80 percent of high-school seniors expect to get married, and 90 percent of those assume they’ll remain wed to the same person for life. A survey of college students in England found 95 percent want to marry.

As to what that relationship would look like—well, that gets trickier.

The teen boys I spoke with last summer all said they’d like a spouse. Then I asked them an interesting question: Would you want to marry someone who was better educated or who earned more money than you? They all said no.

Some people may consider their thinking archaic, a byproduct of sexist socialization. Nevertheless, two truths remain: First, despite the fact that the male breadwinner model is actually seldom taught anymore—if anything, alternative ideas are far more aggressively promoted—remnants of it remain ingrained in the minds of both men and women. And second, wherever this thinking comes from, it is increasingly at odds with reality. As Rosin writes, “The men may cling to traditional ideals about themselves as providers, but they are further than ever from being able to embody those ideals” (emphasis added throughout).

You can see that something has to give. Every year in America, 170,000 more women than men get bachelor’s degrees. And while the average man still earns 10 percent more than the average woman, guess what? Among 20-somethings, women now have the edge in the wage gap. Men who hold the advantage in education and earning power are a dying breed.

The numbers of well-educated, financially self-sufficient women are mushrooming beyond the numbers of men who could be so described. In fact, men are trending in the opposite direction. Today, for example, we see the highest percentage ever recorded of men of prime working age who are not even working: about one in five.One fifth of men. Compare that to 1950, when it was one in 20.

“Recent years have seen an explosion of male joblessness and a steep decline in men’s life prospects that have disrupted the ‘romantic market’ in ways that narrow a marriage-minded woman’s options,” wrote Kate Bolick in the Atlantic. “[I]ncreasingly, her choice is between deadbeats (whose numbers are rising) and playboys (whose power is growing)” (November 2011).

Who will these women marry? The bar for what they want out of marriage is climbing, while the field is regressing.

Unsurprisingly, more and more of them, rather than “marry down,” are resigning themselves to the idea that their best option is just to skip it.

All the Single Ladies

Sure, they’d love to marry if the right man showed up. Yet, in their view—frustrating as it may be that Mr. Right isn’t around—marriage is, ultimately, unnecessary. I can take care of myself—I don’t need a man to support me, the thinking goes. He’d just be another person to take care of—another mouth to feed.

“[A]s women have climbed ever higher, men have been falling behind,” laments Bolick. “We’ve arrived at the top of the staircase, finally ready to start our lives, only to discover a cavernous room at the tail end of a party, most of the men gone already, some having never shown up—and those who remain are leering by the cheese table, or are, you know, the ones you don’t want to go out with.”

The question is on the lips of women everywhere: What’s wrong with all these guys?

Most people can agree there is a problem, but far fewer recognize its full scope. When you talk to the women and meet the men, when you read the stories and look at the data, you begin to realize: Bolick is not describing a minor irritant, nor a disappointment that a few women share. She is chronicling the collapse of a social order.

Social historian Stephanie Coontz says we’re experiencing nothing less than “a historical revolution every bit as wrenching, far-reaching and irreversible as the Industrial Revolution.” As she told the Atlantic, “When it comes to what people actually want and expect from marriage and relationships, and how they organize their sexual and romantic lives, all the old ways have broken down.”

It’s a crucial development. And what compounds the problem is that few people understand its true cause. As a result, most of these women are unwittingly participating in an unhealthy cycle that is doomed only to expand the ranks of underachieving men and embittered women.

A Relic

To get to the cause, we have to take a look at “all the old ways” that Coontz says have broken down. Regrettably, because of political correctness, this is treacherous ground.

What look like many different changes in “what people actually want and expect from marriage and relationships, and how they organize their sexual and romantic lives,” at their heart all trace back to one thing: the decline of the male breadwinner.

Historically, what largely drove men’s march through the milestones to adulthood was the expectation that they would fulfill the role of provider. A man who is serious about the responsibility of supporting a family approaches life with a special focus. He looks for a profession that will provide financial stability; he pursues his education with that end in mind. For generations, this commonly recognized duty propelled men into the workforce; it often served as a prod to men’s ambition and did much to shape society. Even today, it remains a strong motivation to any young man who accepts it.

However, for two generations now, esteem for this role has been fading—to the point where today it is ignored, if not treated with contempt. Rising standards of living have grown more difficult to sustain on a single paycheck. Two-income families are the norm, and few men expect to be a family’s sole breadwinner. The notion of devoting one’s life to a job out of a duty to others has grown passé. Today’s premium on individualism, self-fulfillment and self-expression often turns a job search into a long, meandering voyage with unpredictable compensation. Marriage and family are also fading from fashion; to say that pop culture promotes singlehood is an understatement. And though young people still say they want to marry, ubiquitous acceptance of premarital sex definitely removes their urgency to do so. This encourages men to brush breadwinning aside and removes the pressure on them to grow up.

These are just a few of the many factors that have turned the male breadwinner model into a relic. Two additional factors are worth special consideration.

‘Build a Bridge and Get Over It’

First is the influence of feminism. The movement for women’s equality is fundamentally opposed to an arrangement where a woman depends on a man’s provision. “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” goes the slogan, summarizing the drive to empower women to stand on their own two feet.

Under this banner, women have left their homes and stormed the barricades, filling schools, businesses, offices, clinics, battlefields and nearly everywhere else. And they have proven themselves spectacularly capable as productive workers, entrepreneurs and earners.

Now, however, a remarkable spinoff of this development has become obvious: Men watching it happen have gotten the clear message that they’re not needed.

It’s a proven, demonstrable aftereffect: In areas where they compete, women’s success tends to discourage men. You can attribute this to chauvinism, sexist indoctrination or whatever you would like, but it is real, and it is powerful. “What happens when women outperform men?” asked Sandy Hingston in Philadelphia Magazine. “Men withdraw from the field” (March 2012). Once they see that women are providing for themselves, they lose interest in taking over that job.

“Gender identity, sociologists say, is developed oppositionally,” Hingston wrote. “If boys see girls behaving in a certain way—working hard and excelling in school—they define masculinity in opposite terms: A real man doesn’t work hard at school or get good grades.”

This effect is apparent throughout the workforce. As women enter a profession, men lose interest in it. As Rosin details in her book, men are abandoning more and more jobs while women rush in to fill the void. Women’s options for employment keep expanding as men surrender them.

The upshot of all this, Rosin says, is “the emergence of an American matriarchy, where the younger men especially are unmoored,and closer than at any other time in history to being obsolete—at least by most traditional measures of social utility. And the women are left picking up the pieces.”

Unmoored. Obsolete. These are painfully accurate terms for far too many of today’s aimless, indifferent young men.

What to do? No one suggests that the solution is for women to underachieve so men don’t feel threatened. The standard response is that men simply need to change their thinking.

“Build a bridge and get over it. Don’t just sit and whine and carry on.” That’s the advice of one woman whom Rosin quotes in her book. Hers is a typical story: After her husband supported his family on a manufacturing job for decades, the plant closed. Now he’s struggling, she’s the family’s breadwinner, he’s nostalgic for the old days (“Probably no one has had their wife move up the ladder as far as I’ve moved down,” he says)—and she’s had enough of his brooding.

In cases like this, the man’s sense of duty as a provider is viewed as the source of the problem. He just needs to learn to be comfortable in his diminished role.

But this man is old-school. The young bucks never had that sense of duty, and a diminished role is cool with them.

Kay Hymowitz exposes this trend in her book Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men Into Boys. She describes how it becomes a self-reinforcing cycle, with men responding to women’s progress by disengaging, which enables women to make even greater strides. When the two sides meet on the dating scene, strong women grow exasperated about childish men, “then in fear and disgust either give up on any idea of a husband and kids or just go to a sperm bank and get the dna without the troublesome man. But these rational choices on the part of women only serve to legitimize men’s attachment to the sand box. Why should they grow up? No one needs them anyway. There’s nothing they have to do. They might as well just have another beer.”

There’s nothing they have to do. This is the void that is currently left where that sense of duty to provide used to be.

Feminist social architects would call that progress.

Pig Heaven

Men’s self-destructive tendency to retreat under female pressure has synchronized with a second powerful factor eroding the male breadwinner model: the advent of modern time wasters tailor-made to suck the life out of the male mind.

Today’s media have become a black hole for male ambition and responsibility. As Hymowitz writes, “Relatively affluent, free of family responsibilities, and entertained by an array of media devoted to his every pleasure, the single young man can live in pig heaven—and often does.” This too is a self-perpetuating cycle: A man with little motivation to become a respectable breadwinner is more liable to devote his hours to senseless pursuits, which renders him even less capable of ever fulfilling that role.

Two of the most toxic examples are video games and pornography. Their most voracious consumers are young men, and they are ravaging society’s manhood on an epic scale.

Video game addiction is about four times more common among boys than girls. The average American boy spends 13 hours a week absorbed in video games, compared to five hours for the average girl. Half of college students admit that video games preempt their studies “some” or “a lot.” By the time the average American youth reaches drinking age, he will have devoted 10,000 hours to gaming—enough time to have earned two bachelor’s degrees.

The valuable time and energy being swallowed up by these games is problem enough, but the ghoulish content many of them contain makes their effect far worse. Millions of young people are immersing themselves in realistic games that encourage them to become killers, sadists, mutilators and monsters that use every conceivable weapon for murder, torture, dismemberment, decapitation, impaling, ethnic cleansing and rape.

Pornography has become mainstream, pervasive, socially accepted, and, thanks to the Internet, devilishly easy to get. It is also intensely addictive. The demand is monstrous: For every two Hollywood movies produced, 45 full-length commercial porn films are. The averagehigh school boy watches porn two hours a week. Researchers conducting a study in July 2011 on porn and prostitution had so much difficulty finding non-users that they had to loosen their definition in order to muster up a hundred men for a control group.

These perverted images and warped concepts filling men’s minds have devastating effects on men’s relationships and mental health. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study found that regular pornography users have higher rates of depression and even physical health problems than non-users. “The reason is that porn may start a cycle of isolation,” the report explained. “Porn may become a substitute for healthy face-to-face interactions, social or sexual.” Psychologists say video games also tend to desensitize a user to reality and to real-life interactions with people.

In their book The Demise of Guys: Why Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It, psychologists Philip Zimbardo and Nikita Duncan contend that these media influences are actually rewiring men’s brains. “The excessive use of video games and online porn,” they write, “is creating a generation of risk-averse guys who are unable (and unwilling) to navigate the complexities and risks inherent to real-life relationships, school and employment.”

Think on that. These influences are crushing society’s manhood. One specific proof: Academics have uncovered a correlation between porn use and an increase in a man’s willingness to move back in with his parents. Risk-averse men who cannot handle life’s complexities are deeply disadvantaged if not crippled in ever being able to support a family.

It’s impossible to measure precisely, but this media assault has contributed significantly to the development of today’s Incredible Shrinking Man.

A Curse

Feminists tend to applaud the breakdown of “all the old ways” of male-female relations. But look what has taken their place: academically and financially thriving women with no one to marry, and juvenile men huddling in caves of self-indulgence. Is this what feminists want?

Modern society has smashed the ideals it once held about what makes a man. In their stead, negative stereotypes and confusion remain. Sadly, men are increasingly living down to the stereotypes. Dr. Zimbardo found that nearly two thirds of men say they lack motivation because of mixed messages from media and society about a man’s role. We are raising generations of boys who have no idea how to become men. The results of breaking down “all the old ways” have been disastrous.

These failings vividly illustrate some vital truths, plainly evident to anyone willing to look at the situation honestly.

The loss of strong manliness is a plague on our society. The loss of breadwinning men in favor of perpetual adolescents has produced a swarm of other problems that result when men disengage from family and from society. Sure, women are succeeding financially and professionally—but families are fragmenting, and the nation is morally and spiritually disintegrating.

Believe it or not, this calamity was prophesied, in your Bible, thousands of years ago. The prophecy is in Isaiah 3:1-3, and it is primarily about the end time, in which we now live. It specifically focuses on “Jerusalem” and “Judah,” biblical language for the modern descendants of ancient Israel, including America and Britain. And it describes exactly what we see before our eyes: nations where strong male leadership has almost disappeared.

This prophecy also reveals the true, but hidden,cause: God has removed strong men as a curse on our nations—because of our sins.

Yes, God considers the loss of masculine men a terrible curse.

Why the Provider Role Is So Crucial

The Bible defines sin as the transgression of God’s law (1 John 3:4). His law simply codifies His way of life, which is love (Matthew 22:36-40; Romans 13:10; Galatians 5:14; 1 John 5:3). It means outgoing concern, giving and sharing, kindness and courtesy, putting the needs of another above your own. God’s way of life is the way of give.

The prevailing spirit of today’s society—self-indulgence, lust, greed, materialism, excess, deceit, cheating and pride—is the way of get, the way of sin. It is also the way of our human nature, the way that comes naturally to us (e.g. Mark 7:21-23; Romans 8:7-8). God’s purpose is to help us overcome that natural tendency, to develop righteous character, and to live His way of love that produces happiness, joy and peace.

One of the most powerful tools God created in order to teach us that way is family. A man learns that noble, wonderful way by absorbing himself in his God-given role within the family (sidebar: “Why Men and Women?”).

The duty of provider is in many ways at the heart of a man’s role (e.g. 1 Timothy 5:8). It is fundamentally a giving, sacrificing responsibility. A man must apply his strength, his capabilities and his talents to produce something of value to more than just himself. He earns enough to support a wife and children, also stabilizing and strengthening society in the process.

Though this job requires a certain discipline and self-denial, the man who fulfills it as God intends receives tremendous satisfaction. He thrives where his strength and skill are put to productive use, where he is needed and respected, where others benefit from his accomplishment. He derives joy from being able to give to his family, to open opportunities for them, to supply their needs and many of their wants. He learns to value these things even above his own desires.

Even in a society that so routinely exalts selfishness, many people, deep down, know this to be true. They see nobility in a man who thinks this way.

Why Men Are Weak

A man who prioritizes his own selfish cravings above the needs of others grows smaller. He enters a negative cycle that pulls him away from responsibility, away from accomplishment and achievement—away from family. He grows more inward-focused, self-absorbed, myopic, lazy, self-indulgent. His perspective contracts; the size of his world shrinks. He puts his own interests above those of his family; his wife’s needs become secondary. His ability to lead suffers. In a word, he becomes less of a man.

The frustrations that so many people have over the weakness of men today all trace back to this powerful spiritual truth: Men are weak because of their sin. The self-indulgence, the sex perversion, the focus on self rather than on sacrifice—these are sins. If a man succumbs to sin, he becomes weak. God removes His blessings and allows the devil to do his work.

These sins are causing the collapse of manly leadership and male responsibility. They are creating weakness, insecurity and selfishness. They are leading to the disappearance of manhood!

The disappearance of the male breadwinner directly correlates with the disappearance of the manly man. A man who has willingly abdicated the role of provider—who is content to live off the largesse of others rather than marshaling his powers to produce for others—is not a man. He should do all he can to become self-sufficient and a net producer. Only as he does so can his thoughts begin to take on the dignity of godly manhood.

The transition from boyhood to manhood is largely a transition from taking to giving. From being dependent to being a provider. From being someone for whom others make sacrifices to being one who sacrifices for others. A boy who physically grows to look like a man, but has not made that change, is not truly a man.

The Path to True Manhood

Feminists say they want equality for women. But how many of them actually want weak men? No woman applauds a man for being addicted to video games and pornography. When revelations of a prominent man’s infidelity emerge, his stature drops; he becomes a lesser man in our eyes. In our hearts we know that this signifies frailty of character.

What is honorable and worthy of admiration is the man with self-mastery, who refrains from being entrapped by such sins. We yearn for the man with self-control, with temperance, with strong moral character.

A strong man is a blessing to his wife and children. He provides more than money—he provides security, attentive engagement, successful leadership, firm guidance, emotional stability and real love.

Society still appreciates such men, yet it teaches and pressures males to do the opposite. As I told the teen boys I visited this past summer: Follow society, and women are going to pass you by. To grow into real men, you must be strong enough to follow a different way.

Those boys all wanted to be the leaders in their future families, and they were also interested in marrying intelligent, capable women. I told them that there are plenty of those women out there, but they won’t want to marry uneducated, lumpish men. If a man wants a high-quality woman, there is only one way to attract her: He must become a high-quality man.

That means he must devote his full energies to swimming upstream against society. He must make it his unwavering aim to grow—against pressure—in those qualities that will arm him for the rigors of true manhood. He must eschew the pastimes that weaken men. He must avoid the addictions that eat away at men’s minds, blacken their consciences and destroy their confidence. He must stoke the flames of ambition in his life. He must aim high, and equip himself to become an able leader of a strong, capable woman.

We are living the curse of the shrinking man—its effects are everywhere. We must allow God to guide our individual lives along an entirely contrary course. We must not be swayed by the perverse reasoning of this politically correct world. We must dedicate ourselves to a higher purpose. We must allow God to shape us, to forge us into instruments strong enough to lead strong families, to give confidence to women, to give stability to children, to give solidity to society.

This is what God wants. This is how we were created. This is literally what we were born to do. Men: to grow up, achieve, mature and embrace the role that your masculine mind and body were designed for. Women: to grow up, achieve, mature and embrace the role that your feminine mind and body were designed for. This is that elusive solution—hiding in plain sight if your Bible is open—to our manless society. It’s not about getting back to the traditions of yesteryear. It’s about embracing how we were created. Discover that, live that, and you will be embarking on a life journey that no feminist, manboy, sociologist or author can even dream of: a life full of growth, challenge, fulfillment, confidence and happiness built on knowing what it really means to be a woman, and what it really means to be a man.

The ‘Someday’ of Solar Power

The ‘Someday’ of Solar Power

Karen Maraj/flickr

Economic constraints and national rivalries discourage our world from using clean energy. But that’s about to change.
From the March 2013 Trumpet Print Edition

Solar power’s track record in recent years has been far less sunny than innovators and investors had expected. Since 2011, a number of high-profile companies have gone bankrupt, including Evergreen Solar, Solyndra, Q-Cells and Abound Solar. A general cloud of pessimism hangs over the surviving firms in the industry.

Why is this field experiencing such a slump?

A Wonderful, Inefficient Technology

Solar power generation is fascinating technology. After traveling 93 million miles, sunlight strikes a photovoltaic panel. A portion of it is absorbed into the panel’s semiconductor material where it converts almost instantly to electricity—with no toxic emissions, no harm to the environment in extracting buried resources, and no radioactive waste. It’s almost perfectly clean. Solar power’s immaculate nature gives it the potential to significantly reduce the pollution that commonly results from fueling our lives.

The trouble is that, compared to energy generated by fossil fuels or nuclear power, solar power is terribly inefficient. To produce one kilowatt of solar-generated electricity you need substantially more investment than to yield the same amount from coal, petroleum, natural gas or nuclear fission.

If a nation wants solar power in its grid, its government must either implement heavy subsidies or enact laws requiring a percentage of the country’s power to come from it. In economic terms, such measures represent a loss for society. Citizens are forced to either pay higher power bills, or watch policy-makers funnel their tax dollars into subsidies—or both.

But isn’t that a price society should be willing to pay for a cleaner environment? Like a person paying a little extra for healthful, organic foods? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple because the global economic system is built on a framework of selfish competition.

Think of countries like businesses: They compete against each other economically. If a country makes the decision to pay more for energy, it places itself at a competitive disadvantage next to rivals. And the goal of these rivals is often to put that nation “out of business.” In the case of organic food, a person pays a little extra for his own individual benefit and no one else’s. But nations paying higher electricity rates for clean energy are financing environmental benefits enjoyed by every country on the planet. It becomes a form of imposed charity: A country’s government forces its population to sacrifice, partially for the benefit of other countries that don’t make those sacrifices. And these other countries may well use this against the benefactor nation.

Political conservatives generally have no trouble acknowledging this reality. They lambast clean-energy subsidies, feed-in tariffs and mandates as wasteful government meddling. They point out that it handicaps domestic industry in the highly competitive global economy. Most on the political right dismiss clean energy as initiatives whose benefits to the global environment are trumped by their economic harm at home.

Meanwhile, environmental activists often fantasize away the economic realities. Many resort to scare tactics built on rickety global-warming science to try to push the green-energy agenda forward. Some posit ludicrous arguments, saying that if Washington leads by example—prioritizing environmental concerns over economic imperatives—then the rest of the world will wake up and follow suit.

The Birkenstock crowd can’t be faulted for dreaming of an energy utopia. But their willful blindness to the economic consequences of their cause is naive. For pragmatic governments, the economic argument usually wins out, and the solar industry languishes.

Here’s the troubling paradox: While the economic arguments against clean energy involve individual nations, the consequences of pollution are rarely confined within national borders. Air and water pollution in particular represent an environmental fate shared globally. In this economic global model of us-against-them, countries essentially trap each other in a scenario where they inflict mutual harm upon one another. Clean energy is overlooked, and the air and water we all share gets dirtier. While solar power generation isn’t a panacea, it is a product of human ingenuity that has great potential to significantly purify the way the world produces energy.

Yet cleaner technology like this continues to lag far behind dirty energy sources because no nation is willing to sacrifice its own prosperity for the sake of the common good. The initiatives a handful of environmentally conscious nations take to promote clean energy aren’t enough to bring clean energy into a position of global economic relevance. A real transition to clean energy would require the entire world to get on board, more or less all at once. But how can we expect human governments, whose primary concern is economic competitiveness, to unanimously and simultaneously scale back on cheap energy in any meaningful way? We won’t see that any sooner than we’ll see national armies independently voluntarily beat their swords into plowshares. In fact, abandoning economic pragmatism in today’s competitive reality would be tantamount to a nation dissolving its military.

Competitive capitalism is much lauded for the astonishing prosperity it has brought to many nations, but the solar energy issue provides a stark example of one glaring flaw in this economic system.

Yet there is great cause for optimism regarding the future of solar power.

A Bright Future

This utopia will only come about if the spirit of competition that steers the economies of today is replaced—forcibly and completely—by a noble and more compelling source of motivation: sincere outgoing concern for the wellbeing of all mankind.

As unrealistic as it seems today, precisely such a change is on the horizon, and it is not far off! Many Bible scriptures foretell a time when the global economic system will be totally and utterly revolutionized! For a few examples, see Daniel 2:35, 44-45; Revelation 11:15; Isaiah 11:9; 35:6-8 and Micah 4:1-4.

Imagine a world in which each nation’s first priority in selecting power sources isn’t gaining a competitive (economic or industrial) advantage over other nations, but assuring the safety, health and prosperity of other countries! Imagine a world where every nation views every other as an extension of its own family—and it values the well-being of another nation’s people as much as, or more than its own!

In this rapidly approaching world, harm to the global environment will become unfathomable. Clean energy sources that may include sun, wind, water, fusion and perhaps others not yet imagined will quickly eclipse sources that pollute. All nations will universally embrace whatever sacrifices are required to make the transition to clean energy. The world economy will adapt to clean energy sources, and technology will swiftly advance to boost the efficiency of clean-energy-harnessing technologies.

Through the Prophet Isaiah, God paints an inspiration-drenched picture of that radiant future: “Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee. … Violence shall no more be heard in thy land, wasting nor destruction within thy borders” (Isaiah 60:1,18). Material wealth will be significantly upgraded (verse 17), and God will comfort the “waste places” of the world (Isaiah 51:3). In that wonderful world tomorrow, Earth’s entire population will prosper far more than it ever has under the current system of economic rivalry!

The Hidden Cause of Society’s Deadly Decline

The Hidden Cause of Society’s Deadly Decline

Alex Wong/Getty Images

We live in a time unlike any other in history. World events are moving rapidly toward the end of this age. There is an unseen reason why troubles are intensifying as never before. You cannot understand events without recognizing this truth!
From the March 2013 Trumpet Print Edition

An event occurred in 1986 that marked a major turning point in history. It has radically altered everything that has happened since: culture, family, education, religion, science, finance, politics, international relations—everything we do. It has affected the United States in a massive way.

Yet what is most remarkable is, almost no one even knows it happened.

To understand this world-quaking event, let’s first look at some of what occurred right after it took place.

The Demonizing of Robert Bork

On July 1, 1987, President Ronald Reagan nominated a highly respected judge, Robert Bork, to become an associate justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. Within 45 minutes, Massachusetts Democrat Edward Kennedy took to the floor of the Senate and demonized him. “Robert Bork’s America,” he said, would produce back-alley abortions, segregation, censorship and midnight police raids.

It was a shocking, bald-faced vilification of a man who was obviously qualified and greatly respected, even by many liberals. “There was not a line in that speech that was accurate,” Bork said. Many people agreed—but the attack still worked. Senator Kennedy and others led the way for abortionists, evolutionists, feminists, civil-rights advocates and other liberals to band together and defame Judge Bork’s reputation in an enormous smear campaign. They even aired television ads denigrating him. “They turned him into an absolute gargoyle, into a beast,” one senator said.

Even the liberal Washington Post admitted that it was a “lynching.” Many other liberals saw what was happening too. The head of the Senate Judiciary Committee was Joe Biden, and he said he didn’t believe they could reject a man of Bork’s qualifications. But after special interest groups told him to change his tune, he did. The radical left was on a rampage.

Judge Bork’s name even became a verb. To “bork” was officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2002. It means “to defame or vilify (a person) systematically, especially in the mass media, usually with the aim of preventing his or her appointment to public office.”

Why was Robert Bork so demonized? Why was his nomination to the Supreme Court turned into a witch hunt, when it was obvious he was more than qualified? The reason was that the radical left feared him.

And for what reason? Judge Bork was known for one thing more than anything else: believing in the Constitution. He was one of the most brilliant constitutional lawyers this land has produced! He was considered “a pioneer in constitutional thinking devoted to the text and original meaning of the Constitution,” as Reuters put it. He was known as a constitutional “originalist” or “constructionist” who believed in judicial restraint. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia released a statement through the Federalist Society calling him one of the most influential legal scholars of the last 50 years. The society’s executive vice-president said Bork was “one of our country’s fiercest and most articulate defenders of the Constitution as it is written.”

That’s why they hated him!

Everyone thought that when a popular president nominated a brilliant, well-qualified man who passionately defends what the Constitution actually says, he would be easily confirmed—even by a majority Democrat Senate. But in 1987, radical liberals considered defending the Constitution a very, very bad thing! And they had the power to get their way.

The Senate defeated Judge Bork’s nomination 58-42, the largest margin ever.

Many people at the time recognized that this was a watershed event in American politics. One law professor said it was “the decisive moment in politicizing the process of judicial selection” that “poisoned the atmosphere for judicial confirmations ever since.” In fact, it poisoned a lot more than that!

In 2005, Bork said what he thought made a good Supreme Court justice: “A willingness to apply the Constitution according to the principles that are actually in it, rather than what they call the ‘evolving’ or the ‘living’ Constitution, which simply means the judges begin to make it up.”

The tide turned in a big way in 1987. Law started to get a lot weaker. And lawlessness started to get much, much stronger.

This is a significant clue as to what happened in 1986 that made such impact on the state of our world.

The Architect of Lawlessness

Such a massive lurch toward lawlessness has a cause. I want to show you exactly what that cause is. Most people will scoff at what I am about to say—but it is absolutely true, and you can prove it from your Bible.

The most lawless being in the universe is a spirit being, Satan the devil. 2 Corinthians 4:4 calls him “the god of this world.” What does that mean? It means that this evil spirit being has frightening power—power we can hardly imagine! To say that he is the god of this world means that he rules—and even more: It means most of the people in this world worship him!

One of the Bible’s most remarkable passages to help us understand the extent of the devil’s power is Revelation 12. This chapter prophesies of a war in heaven where great angelic beings fought against the devil and his demons, of which there are millions. Here is the outcome of that spiritual war: “the dragon fought and his angels [the fallen angels—the demons], And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world:he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him” (verses 7-9).

Notice: This verse says Satan deceives the whole world. He is sitting on the throne of this Earth, ruling this world. He is stirring up people’s emotions, moods and attitudes. When people get into a negative emotion, a bad attitude or a wrong mood, he works on those people. He has power to influence those wrong emotions; he has deceived the world through them! People don’t understand God’s Word—they don’t have any depth spiritually—so they just follow along emotionally, and Satan just deceives them all. That is amazing, but it’s biblical and you can prove it to yourself, and you certainly should.

This verse is also an end-time prophecy. It tells us that Satan was cast to this Earth. When did this happen? God’s very elect must have this revealed to them, or why would God make the prophecy? You must know if you are to understand what’s going on in your nation and in this world.

The devil and millions of demons are now confined to this Earth. Their fruits and Bible prophecy will tell us when and how it all happened and how it continues to unfold. What are they doing? These are evil beings with awesome power.

Surely such an event would have enormous impact on world affairs. We must be seeing things happen that would indicate the reality of this end-time Bible prophecy. How did it affect this world? And how much is it going to impact your life? Their dirty work is going on now, but do we see it? Do we understand it? If this is actually true, then there must be a lot of damage. God’s Word stands or falls on whether or not we can prove this. And we certainly can prove it.

This is earthshaking—even universe-shaking in many ways! It is bad news, and yet, in the bigger picture it’s also very good news—the best news we could possibly hear. Here is why: “Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! [even of the sea, it’s so bad] for the devil is come down unto you,having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time” (verse 12).

Satan was already being worshiped on this Earth, but now it’s even worse. Now he’s cast down, and he is full of wrath for a very definite reason. Satan knows he has a short time—but a short time before what?

This statement also shows that this is an end-time prophecy. Satan was cast down just a “short time” before Jesus Christ returns to this Earth and kicks Satan off his throne! (e.g. Revelation 20:1-2, 10). That is the spectacular, joyfully good news.

Christ had to overcome that devil and so do we. By overcoming him, Christ qualified to sit on the throne talked about in Luke 1:30-33. Christ will not return to a nonexistent throne. There is a throne on Earth right now that Jesus Christ is going to come and sit on! That throne is already here. (This is covered in our free book The United States and Britain in Prophecy and many other booklets we’ve written.) Everything is set for a new government to be in place on Earth very shortly—almost certainly in less than a decade.

In just a short time, Satan will be kicked off his throne at Christ’s return. However, you need to understand what Satan is going to do before that happens. It will be the worst time of suffering ever on this planet!

Satan knows he has a short time to do what? What is he doing that he won’t be doing in a very short time?

When Satan Was Cast Down

Look again at this Revelation 12 prophecy. In verse 12, it warns the inhabitants of the earth and sea because Satan was cast down. Then as soon as that happened, what was the very first thing Satan did? Verse 13 shows that He attacked the Church of God and wrecked its work! That is what this “woman” is prophetically.

That specifically dates this prophecy.

We can point to a specific time when God’s true Church was forcibly attacked by the devil. This is spoken of in another prophecy—in 2 Thessalonians 2—that links directly with Revelation 12 in order to establish the time frame.

There the Apostle Paul prophesied, “Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him, That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand” (2 Thessalonians 2:1-2). When is Christ coming? How can we know? God tells us what will happen just before He returns.

Notice this astounding prophecy: “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day [the Second Coming of Christ] shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition” (verse 3). This is a great falling away in God’s Church—exactly what Revelation 12:13 is about. When Satan was cast down he attacked God’s Church, which triggered a great falling away because most of God’s people were conquered by the devil!

This prophecy says a “man of sin” would be revealed inside that church. This man is called the “son of destruction”—the same title as Judas Iscariot, who was actually possessed by the devil (Luke 22:3; John 13:27). Satan has a lot of power.

This man “opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God” (verse 4). He acts like he’s God, taking the place of God in that temple. That is how arrogant Satan is—acting like God. He thinks he’s God—and has rebelled against God and tried to overthrow God!

That is why he was cast down in this end time. He tried to overthrow God once (Isaiah 14:12-14; Ezekiel 28:14-17), and then tried again just before Christ is to return (Revelation 12:7-9). This time, he was thrown down to Earth and confined there; he is no longer allowed in the rest of the universe.

The prophecy in 2 Thessalonians 2 also includes another important individual. Verse 7 says, “For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work. Only he who now restrains it will do so until he is out of the way” (English Standard Version). This “mystery of lawlessness” was working in God’s Church already, but somebody (“he who now restrains”) was controlling it and ensuring it didn’t openly manifest itself. As long as he was there, Satan could not take over the Church; the falling away couldn’t occur.

Do you know who this man is? Herbert W. Armstrong was the head of God’s Church for over 50 years, and God used him to keep the Church on track. Then, he was taken “out of the way.” That happened when God allowed him to die in 1986.

And notice what happens immediately after that: “And then shall that Wicked [Satan the devil] be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming” (verse 8).

Yes, after that man was taken out of the way, Satan was cast down! Now everybody can see him because he is full of wrath and wreaking great destruction! God had to raise up another work to get His message out.

These prophecies have come to pass. Once Satan was cast down, he used a “man of sin” right at the head of God’s Church to lead in the destruction of that church from the inside, from right at the top! You can understand this history in detail if you request our free books Malachi’s Message and Raising the Ruins.

There is another version of this prophecy in Daniel 8. There it describes Satan’s violence within the Church in a very telling way. It says he and his “host,” his demon army, “cast down the truth to the ground.” Their primary attack was against God’s truth and God’s law.

Satan hates God’s Church most of all. As soon as he was cast down, he started destroying within that Church, which the Bible calls spiritual Israel. Then he turned his full attention on physical Israel—the modern descendants of which are the nations of Israel—concentrating on three of these nations in particular: the birthright nations and the scepter nation, or America, Britain and the Jewish nation in the Middle East.

This is what changed in 1986. The devil was cast down to Earth, and he began his lawless rampage, casting truth to the ground. I saw with my own eyes the damage he wreaked on God’s Church. Now, it is becoming ever clearer that he is unleashing the same kind of destruction on our nations!

And he is using the same tactics to do it. When he attacked the Church, he got people in at the top that cast all the truth to the ground. Is he going to get people at the top of the nations of Israel to cast the truth to the ground? I believe so. That’s the most efficient way to do it. Then he can use them to wage an assault from within on the truth and the law!

The only difference is this: The destruction in God’s Church was on a spiritual level, and the three nations are being destroyed on a letter-of-the-law level because they don’t yet have God’s Holy Spirit. This will lead to these nations being conquered from without.

Lethal Lawlessness

What happened to Robert Bork marked the beginning of a vicious attack on the law of the land. In the two decades since, we have seen a rapid breakdown of law and an increasing amount of poison spreading through America’s political system. Today, because Satan is cast down, America is a different nation!

Melanie Phillips made this observation: “To an astonishing silence by the media on both sides of the pond, the U.S. along with the UK and a number of European governments is leading the West into an abyss” (Dec. 21, 2012; emphasis mine throughout).

The proof to support her statement is abundant. For example, look at the bankruptcy in America’s foreign policy. Over the past year, the U.S. and others have given power to Islamist extremists who are hostile to the free world. We have handed Egypt and Libya to some of our worst enemies! That is the state of American policy today.

There is abundant proof that America is now actively and intentionally supporting Islamist rebels in Syria. American agents are funneling weapons to the rebels, making no attempt to keep them from the Muslim Brotherhood and extreme Salafists.

Don’t our leaders realize that these bloodthirsty Islamists are jeopardizing the Middle East and especially Israel? The astonishing answer is yes, they do.

On January 7, President Obama nominated Chuck Hagel to be the United States’ next secretary of defense. This former Nebraska senator has consistently spoken out against Israel, and for Palestinians, terrorists and Iran. He has voted against sanctioning Iran to stop its pursuit of nuclear weapons; he voted against labeling Iran’s Revolutionary Guards a terrorist organization; he has declared that a military strike against Iran is not an option; he urged President Bush to establish “direct, unconditional” talks with Iran; he wants to establish diplomatic relations with Tehran; he has said repeatedly that sanctioning Iran will isolate America.

Mr. Hagel refused to sign a letter asking the EU to name Hezbollah a terrorist organization. In fact, during the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war, he said Washington should “engage Iran and Syria,” the nations that back the Hezbollah terrorists. He accused Israel of “sickening slaughter” and “the systematic destruction of an American friend: the country and people of Lebanon.”

Over and over again through the years, when nearly all of his fellow senators agreed to sign various letters of support for Israel, Hagel has been one of the few—sometimes the only one—to refuse. He supported the “Saudi Peace Initiative,” which calls for Israel to forfeit the Golan Heights, the West Bank and parts of Jerusalem, including the Jewish Quarter.

Why, then, would President Obama want to make this man secretary of defense? Here is Phillips’s answer—and it is profound: “What therefore is the factor that Obama brings to the West’s dismal foreign-policy table as illustrated by these truly appalling choices? Malice. Against the West, and also against the ancient civilization that lies at the heart of its moral codes.”

What is the ancient civilization that lies at the heart of America’s moral codes? She is talking about Judeo-Christian history—and the morality of the Bible. She is absolutely right in saying that the current administration of America views that civilization—along with its moral law—with malice.

You see that hatred for law in everything it does. Its decisions spring from the same lawless mindset that was exposed in the Bork nomination process!

Caroline Glick wrote, “Obama wants to hurt Israel. He does not like Israel. He is appointing anti-Israel advisers and cabinet members not despite their anti-Israel positions, but because of them. … Obama wants to fundamentally transform the U.S. relationship with Israel. … [T]he most urgent order of business for Israelis is to stop deluding ourselves in thinking that under Obama the U.S. can be trusted” (Dec. 16, 2012).

Israel is facing extermination, and the U.S. is turning its back! It is forcing the Israelis to look for help elsewhere. If you continue to watch, you will see that Israel will turn to Germany for help, along with Britain (Hosea 5:13)—and the Germans will commit an enormous double cross against them. This is prophesied in Scripture, and we can see events leading step by step to that end.

The more time that passes, and the shorter Satan’s time gets, the angrier he grows. Now he has been revealed so anybody ought to be able to see him and the crises he’s causing—especially in those three nations, but also throughout the world!

Irrational Foreign Policy

As a nation, America is trashing the law! As a result, it has grown out of control. Just look at some of the irrational decisions it is making today.

In December, it was revealed that al Qaeda had established a new base in Libya. America bombed Libya—and then left, just hoping good guys would take over! But the good guys never do: It’s always the worst of the people that rise to power—especially when they are supported by a powerful Iran, which is the biblically prophesied “king of the south.”

The Trumpet said this would happen both in Libya and in Egypt (see our October 2011 cover story, “Egypt and Libya to Join Iran’s Terror Network”). In fact, we said that before anything had happened in Libya. How did we know? We looked in the Bible, saw what God had prophesied, and believed Him. And the proof is plainly evident today.

In Syria, reports say that Bashar al Assad has hundreds or even thousands of tons of chemical weapons and the ballistic missiles to deliver them. Intelligence reports say he’s already been mixing these chemicals and has been pouring sarin nerve gas into missiles. Just a single drop of that poison will kill—and each missile holds a much larger amount! Assad is apparently threatening to use it on his own people.

This is the same gas that Saddam Hussein inflicted on the Kurds who were rebelling against him—his own people. Reports spoke of sheep and goats in the field dropping over dead; lifeless birds would fall out of the sky. These are weapons of mass destruction! They don’t just kill one person with a bullet—they kill thousands, even millions, depending on how they are used.

What if the terrorists get control of those chemicals? Do you think they won’t bring them to the U.S.? They hate Americans as much as or more than the Jews! On Dec. 7, 2012, authorities caught two Pakistanis who are American citizens trying to get a wmd. Can you imagine what would have happened on September 11 if, instead of just knocking down buildings, the terrorists had dumped sarin nerve gas all over New York City?

If you understand that Satan has been cast down, and is in a frothing rage because his time is short, you know that we can expect to see these devastating weapons put to use! I think this could have a lot to do with the burning of Israel’s cities prophesied in Isaiah 1:7.

JewishPress.com ran an article titled, “Has Obama Decided to Get Rid of Jordan’s King Abdullah?” on Nov. 22, 2012. It talked about how a State Department spokesman, Mark Toner, stated that there was “thirst for change” in Jordan’s leadership. King Abdullah and his cabinet were greatly disturbed by it. This is probably the most peaceful country in the Middle East, the Arab nation that is friendliest toward America! Why would he say such a thing? A few hundred people demonstrated against the government, and America acts like they want to see King Abdullah removed from power! Just a couple years ago, tens of thousands of people demonstrated against the government in Iran, and the Obama administration said nothing! What is wrong with these people?

This too is an indication of Satan being cast down and exerting his influence at the highest levels. Every decision they are making in foreign policy and just about everything else is dangerously wrong. And we need to prepare ourselves for more terrible decisions.

America has done nothing about Syria, with its witch’s brew of wmd. We really have done nothing in Libya—we won’t even go in and fight for our own people. We won’t speak out against what’s happening in Libya. In Egypt, after it had peace with Israel for 30 years, we helped kick Hosni Mubarak off his throne, and now we will not speak out against Mohamed Morsi as he is essentially declared himself pharaoh of Egypt and a bitter enemy of the Jewish nation.

Can you explain these decisions with any logic?

Hijacking the Political Process

These are not normal times. They are not even as stable as they were before 1986. What we are seeing is a nation and a government completely tearing away from law. They think that is what “freedom” means, but they are dead wrong!

America’s federal government has a law that establishes a limit to the amount of money it can borrow. The principle behind this law is sound: that you shouldn’t spend money you do not have. However, both political parties have voted to raise this debt “ceiling” over and over again. And some people have said we should completely ignore the law and just blow the top off altogether!

2 Corinthians 12:14 says that parents should lay up for their children—yet what have we laid up for our children? More than $16 trillion in overwhelming debt!

The president spent his first term escalating that debt at a record pace. Yet Americans decided to award him a second term. In 2008 and again in 2012, you saw a president elected with an amazing ability to pull in votes from people who know nothing about politics, much less law or the Constitution. He was especially popular among college students and single women.

What is happening to our political process?

When the president was campaigning for a second term, he said, “You may be frustrated sometimes with the pace of change. I’m frustrated too sometimes. But you know where I stand. You know what I believe. You know I tell the truth.”

Does the president tell the truth? Is anyone paying attention?

Here is how Glenn Beck responded to the president’s statement: “This is more a judgment on America and the press. I’ve never looked back and marveled at how many people will fall for and accept, knowingly accept, a falsehood. I’ve never seen it before in my life.”

That is because times are different! None of us has ever seen anything like this before—because something very powerful and absolutely massive happened to this world in 1986. We are now in the advanced stages of the aftermath of that change.

Racism Everywhere

The 2008 election contest was for the most powerful office in America at a critical and dangerous time in our history. Yet news anchor Tom Brokaw admitted that the press never did vet candidate Barack Obama. They never conducted a rigorous evaluation of this man. Why not? This man was never vetted, never subjected to scrutiny—and he won the highest office in the land! Twice!

If you recall, many people said a black leader would solve our nation’s racial problems. Has it? It has done the opposite!

Mr. Obama had attended an anti-Semitic, anti-white church for 20 years! Barack Obama sat in Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years hearing him rant about his malicious hate toward this country. And Republicans were—and are—afraid to go after him. Why? Because the by-now very powerful liberal left would accuse them of racism.

Then he ran for president, and a majority of Americans voted for him. He has held power for four years and has been inaugurated for four more. Yet the radical-left bomb-throwers still haven’t stopped: racist accusations are flying and getting far worse each year!

Every week it seems, mainstream media and radical Democrats are talking about Republicans being racist. In almost every case, they’re lying and they know they’re lying. That is sick and satanic to the core!

Today we frequently hear racist remarks on television and radio. One black tv commentator on nbc said, “This is no country for young black men!” Won’t that stir up hatred? That is a very ugly statement.

What will be the outcome of such racist remarks? When you accuse people of racism without any proof—which most of them don’t have, they just spout out the words—you’re filling your country with hatred and division that leads to civil war and violence! These commentators are either ignorant of what they are doing—or they want a race war. I believe some of them do want a race war.

Isaiah 1:7 prophesies that cities in Israel are going to burn. Do you know what that means? You can prove it from our free booklet Ezekiel: The End-Time Prophet.

Do we understand what is happening in America and around this Earth? And do we know why it’s this way? A major part of it is because Satan has been cast down, and he’s full of wrath because he knows he has only a short time. He isn’t going to be able to operate very long, so he’s as enraged as he could possibly be—more than he ever has been.

“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it” (John 8:44). We are seeing the work of this lying murderer at his worst!

Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

Something else Satan is viciously attacking is family. God created marriage and family as one of the greatest blessings we could possibly have. In fact, marriage and family resonates with awesome spiritual meaning! The human family, if practiced the right way, is a God-plane relationship. The husband-wife relationship is a prophecy of Christ marrying the Church and expanding the God Family. It pictures the gospel of God, which is about the good news of the coming Family of God!

Satan hates that. He never was offered that opportunity, and he hates God for it. He has waged a concentrated attack on family for years. But since being cast down, he has attacked in a particularly perverse way—and achieved almost unbelievable success—through same-sex “marriage.”

Very rapidly, a majority of the American people seems to have come to accept this. But if you know your Bible, you know this is something God is strongly opposed to. Call it what you like, but God says it is absolute depravity. It destroys the true gospel, which is the good news of the coming Family of God!

How do people think about marriage and family after this very sinful sodomy? Does it bring them closer to God? It’s going to do just the reverse.

The people who are strongly pushing this issue demand that our society become like Sodom and Gomorrah. If you’re not supportive of that, they say, then you don’t have any love!They are not really interested in same-sex “marriage.” They want to undermine family as God created it! They would destroy any right family that will teach a little girl or boy about God! They hate that! They hate what God is doing.

Who is really behind that? Satan knows he has but a short time, so he is going all out, in every way he can, to throttle anybody who would dare do things the lawful way. If you don’t believe that, you don’t understand Revelation 12:12. Satan cast the truth to the ground in God’s Church, and he’s casting the truth about family—what truth Israel has left—to the ground.

What are “Christians”—those who are supposed to follow Christ—doing about it? Very little. Many of them are actually supporting Sodom and Gomorrah!

Revelation 12

What is happening to America’s leadership, its domestic and foreign policy is not just a quirk of history. The fact that Americans have cast the Constitution to the ground and are encouraging lawlessness in their marriages, in their government and in their policy toward other nations has a very definite cause. Most of it traces back to Satan having been cast down.

Now all those millions of demons and Satan the devil are confined to this Earth. That is making an astounding, dumbfounding difference in what’s happening on Earth. If we believe God and know this is true, what is happening as a result of it? We saw what happened to God’s Church, and we’re seeing what’s happening to three nations of Israel in particular, three of those 12 stars (Revelation 12:1).

All of mankind must become a part of Israel to be saved.

God will abase the nations of Israel until they wake up and see their own sins and what is happening to them and how vulnerable they are to Satan the devil.

Many people scoff about there even being a devil—while he’s tearing them apart! They don’t understand anything about God, nor do they know the devil. Until they do, the problems will only intensify and get worse and worse.

Satan’s growing wrath against the nations of Israel as his time grows shorter will climax in the worst suffering in human history—what the Bible calls the Great Tribulation. After 2½ years will begin the Day of the Lord, a full year of God’s punishment on the nations. Then at last will come the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to solve all these problems forever! Once He banishes the devil and takes His rightful place on the throne over the Earth, we will have joy and happiness and peace for the rest of eternity!

Thank God for that!

A Job for Europe’s Youth

A Job for Europe’s Youth


From the March 2013 Trumpet Print Edition

Unemployment is sky-high among young people. The pope sees this as an opportunity. 

The most significant event threatening social cohesion in Europe today is unemployment—in particular, youth unemployment.

The most significant growth in the Roman Catholic religion—already apparent in this, the pope’s crusading “Year of Faith”—is the return of youth to Rome’s religion.

These two phenomena are powerfully connected.

High jobless rates among Europe’s youth are creating real problems. “[A]s Europe’s safety nets strain under the weight of austerity measures, more social and political unrest could arise,” Stratfor reported January 11. “Dramatically higher unemployment has been one of the main social consequences of the European crisis  … . The crisis has had an even greater impact in the eurozone [compared to the EU as a whole], where unemployment reached a record 11.8 percent of the labor force in November 2012, up from 7.6 percent in the third quarter of 2007. All told, more than 26 million people are out of work in the European Union.”

This situation tears at the stability and order in European society.

Enter the Catholic Church.

The Yearnings of Youth

It is not unusual for people to turn to religion as a panacea for ills in times of trouble. Such is the case in Europe today. Amid the ongoing European crisis, the Vatican has seized the initiative to mount its “Year of Faith” crusade—taking advantage of the euro crisis to rebuild its number of adherents.

As is to be expected, since the social crisis centers on the youth demographic, it’s European youth who are responding in droves to the pope’s appeals. This is preparing Europe for the fulfillment of certain Bible prophecies for our time.

The traditional religion of Rome held sway in Europe for nearly two millennia. In the 20th century, liberal-socialist academics and the intelligentsia became the prime teachers of youth. However, the failure of communism left a gaping hole in their arguments. Since the late 20th century, up-and-coming youth have increasingly wandered as a largely soulless generation without a moral anchor. Add the current economic crisis to the mix, and the inevitable result is a yearning for something to give life meaning.

This vacuum has particular resonance in Europe. “These high unemployment rates jeopardize Europe’s stability,” Stratfor rightly observed. “At the national level, persistent unemployment is threatening the survival of the traditional political elites. The pervasiveness of high unemployment provides fertile ground for ideas and parties on both the right and the left that reject the establishment.”

Throughout his many writings, homilies and general appeals both to the faithful and to lapsed Catholics, Pope Benedict xvi is threading a message against the traditional establishment of the West—in particular the Anglo-Saxon model. He has called for a new world order—an order based on the Catholic Church’s own social chapter.

In his encyclical “Caritas in Veritate,” Benedict put forward Rome’s social chapter as the solution to global crisis. Many—especially European imperialist elites—are read this as the only way out of the globe’s endemic crises.

Such a vision has revolutionary appeal to a youth wandering in the darkness of a moral and social vacuum, seeking to embrace a reason for living. Hence the charge of the youth into mother Rome’s arms—only a few months into this Year of Faith.

Benedict’s Experience

Like his predecessor, John Paul ii, Pope Benedict particularly appeals to the youth of today. But there is a difference between the two—a profound difference.

Benedict has experienced the religious fervor, the strong social forces that can be released in youth when their young conscience is bestirred by a revolutionary vision put forward by a charismatic personality with a view of imposing a revolutionary new world order on the globe as a former member of the Hitler Youth.

He has experienced the unity of comradeship that is the natural outgrowth of a movement designed to meet the aspirations of young people yearning to make a difference in society—to establish a thousand-year rule of a new world order, a Holy Reich!

Benedict knows from experience that it’s a short walk from stirring a religious fervor in youth to launching a crusading spirit of military proportions. After all, as one of Hitler’s uniformed youth, he himself manned an anti-aircraft station, designed to shoot down Anglo-Saxon and Allied pilots during World War ii.

Later, he aided and abetted the escape of Nazi henchmen from Germany as part of the infamous Vatican ratlines movement.

Filling Germany’s Need

Germany suffers from a unique problem that is increasingly impacting its social makeup: Its population is declining.

This is a dangerous position for Europe’s most economically powerful nation. No nation, even with Germany’s power and influence, can hold that power without a population and military force of sufficient size and technological prowess to protect its status.

Germany has countered the shortfall in its workforce by importing foreign labor in recent decades. But, as the Romans found out, a nation can ill afford to rely on hiring foreigners into its military force to secure its own national wealth. A nation’s military force must share the patriotism, the religious zeal—and in Germany’s case, the traditional imperialist vision—of its elites. In the European Union sense, any EU combined military force must share the same mindset—the mindset of its leading power, Germany.

What the pope’s Year of Faith is steadily delivering is a unified mindset—in particular within European youth—that will lead to an outcome that is prophesied in your Bible: “For God has put it into their hearts to fulfill His purpose, to be of one mind …” (Revelation 17:17; New King James Version).

With Germany increasingly committing to overseas military missions, with its huge wealth being increasingly looked upon with jealous eyes by many, and with the United States withdrawing from the role of global policeman, the Fatherland cannot escape the reality that it shortly must boost its military strength.

This it will do not only by increasing the extent of its own military forces, but also by adding to it the combined power of a limited number of European states whose leaders will possess the same Roman Catholic, Teutonic, crusading imperial mindset. Your Bible prophesies that this will comprise 10 national blocs all yielding up their power to Rome/Berlin: “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast. These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast” (verses 12-13; nkjv).

Crucial to any nation’s military force is that part of the population that is between the ages of 18 and 25 years. Most “grunts” fall into this age group. It is generally the fittest and most physically able group in any nation’s population.

This is precisely the age group most affected by today’s unemployment in Europe—and also the most susceptible to be influenced by religious ideology.

Roman Catholic EU elites know that it is a short haul from ideological commitment to taking action to fill the goals of that ideology. That is what underpinned the Crusades of old. It is what will provide the platform for one more final crusade by the Vatican and German elites—a “holy” Roman imperial crusade destined once more to head for Jerusalem!

What to Expect

The year 2013 is an important one in the effort of EU elites to further their imperial goals. Two crucial elections will see a confirmation of imperialist leadership in Europe’s two leading nations—Italy in February and Germany in September.

Add to that the impact of the pope’s crusading Year of Faith, and what will be a record-breaking rallying of Catholic youth on World Youth Day in Rio in July, and these will be looked back on as catalysts that propelled EU imperialist elites forward to their ultimate goal: the seventh resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire, with the prophesied havoc that this continually resurrecting old empire will once again wreak on an unsuspecting world.

Barely a century ago, a pathological megalomaniac sent German youth to the war front with the motto “God with us” stamped on their belt buckles. Just 25 years after that debacle, a demoniacal leader of great charisma sent the cream of German youth to death motivated by a religious fervor to conquer the world.

Are our memories so short?

Why do we remain so blind in the circumstances arising in Mitteleuropa so similar to the ones that ignited both those wars?

At heart, this is a spiritual phenomenon. What is undetected by commentators is the fact that it all being engineered by a higher source than man! Yet its reality, now so close to being consummated, was prophesied three millennia ago in your Bible in the book of Daniel. Its vision was added to in greater and more precise detail through the visions of the Apostle John 2,000 years ago in the book of Revelation.

The great hope that drives the Trumpet to continue to warn the world of this impending cataclysm in all that is playing out in Europe today is what lies beyond it. It is the fulfillment of a vision so breathtaking it requires the power of God’s own mind, His Spirit, to comprehend it.

Put yourself to the test. Request our free booklet Who or What Is the Prophetic Beast? and see if God will open your mind to understand these great prophecies and to use that understanding to prepare you for a part in their fulfillment.