Live by Every Word

Jesus Christ Himself stated that man should live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. He also said that God's Word is truth! But what are those words? Who understands those words? And how can anyone live by every word of God if they don't first know what those words are? In each program, hosts Brian Davis and Dwight Falk will examine the Bible's doctrines and instructions on Christian living in order to help listeners understand how they can better live by every word.

Christians must be supporting God’s Work just as Jesus Christ did.

What is the truth about the Second Coming of Christ?

This world is full of bad news. Our challenge is to remain positive. If we have God’s perspective, we see everything differently. God doesn’t want us to be discouraged.

Christ doesn’t want us to be caught off guard by the events leading to His return.

Christ gave His disciples signs to look for in the world and in His Church to indicate His Second Coming.

In Matthew 24, Jesus Christ told His disciples what events to look for leading up to His Second Coming.

Lots of confusion fills people’s minds as to which day the New Testament church kept as the Sabbath. Most churches today that claim to follow the New Testament keep Sunday. Is this what the New Testament teaches? What day did Christ, the original Apostles and the New Testament Christians keep? Tune in to this episode of Live By Every Word hosted by Brian Davis to hear the answers to these questions.

Deceivers have become extremely active. The whole world is deceived—except for the very few.

One full third of the Bible is prophecy—and about 90 percent of that prophecy still pertains to this prophesied “end time”!

Many professing Christians scoff at the idea of the prophesied intervention of Jesus Christ. What does your Bible say?