Live by Every Word

Live by Every Word

Jesus Christ Himself stated that man should live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. He also said that God’s Word is truth! But what are those words? Who understands those words? And how can anyone live by every word of God if he doesn’t first know what those words are? In each program, hosts Brian Davis and Dwight Falk will examine the Bible’s doctrines and instructions on Christian living in order to help listeners understand how they can better live by every word.

Knowledge that is not applied is of no value.

What is true freedom? How does a person become truly free?

The gospel message is so important that Christ delivered it for the first time. This message is desperately needed now.

Leviticus 26 shows an important principle all people need to heed: God blesses for obedience and curses for disobedience.

The fourth commandment is an identifying sign, but one that many have forgotten.

God taught ancient Israel about keeping the Sabbath through the miracle of manna. God’s people can learn much from this example—including the faith needed to keep the Sabbath.

God’s people must forsake sin.

Christ kept the Passover with His disciples and He instituted new symbols.

God reveals the purpose for life in a very specific way.

God made the Sabbath day for man to keep every week. Why?