Sons of Zadok

From the book The New Throne of David
By Gerald Flurry

For years the Philadelphia Church of God has focused on prophecies in Ezekiel that refer to God’s faithful people in this Laodicean era as “sons of Zadok” (Ezekiel 40:46; 44:15; 48:11). We continue to draw inspiration from the biblical example of Zadok, the priest who remained loyal to David’s throne from the beginning to the end of his reign—even amid terrible treachery.

This truth becomes even more inspiring and special in the context of the new throne of David.

David was a warrior who fought evil, and he surrounded himself with warriors whom he had trained. Zadok was a courageous warrior and a mighty man of valor before he was ordained a priest. Men like Zadok surrounded David. The Bible calls these men “men of war fit for the battle” (1 Chronicles 12:8). These are the type of people God wants in His Family: warriors like Zadok and leaders like David. David truly was a leader of leaders! He went through a lot and he proved himself to be a great warrior! And it was all for God. We must be warriors for God and for the throne of David. That means we need to spend a lot of time on our knees, drawing close to God.

If you are a son of Zadok, you think like David, and you think like Zadok. He never deserted the throne of David, and his sons followed his example. No matter what David’s sins were and how many people rejected him, Zadok and his sons knew God was still behind His king. They were loyal to the God behind David.

The sons of Zadok have a special calling. God says through the Prophet Ezekiel that because of their loyalty while others betrayed Him, they will come near to Him in the World Tomorrow.

Look how God will reward the sons of Zadok who see the God behind the throne of David! That is the secret to their success and the reason they will be at headquarters forever! God is moved and stirred by how well they keep the focus on Him and His Work. It is not about looking to men—it is all about God! How moved your Father is by that loyalty. That impresses God.

In The Former Prophets, I gave seven reasons God’s faithful people are called the sons of Zadok. I will list them here and add an eighth. These will help you keep your focus on the throne of David.

1. We cling to The United States and Britain in Prophecy. Leaders in the Worldwide Church of God got rid of this book in the 1970s. Mr. Armstrong brought it back. After he died, they shelved it again, and people just followed along. But the sons of Zadok stand up for the truth of God! We are loyal to David’s throne! We fought a six-year court battle to win the copyright to that book and others.

2. We continue the dig in Jerusalem. We will do quite a bit more before it is over, I am sure. This is all related to David’s throne, on which the sons of Zadok have their minds fixed.

3. We are spiritual Jews who never lose the key of David vision. This is the only vision given to the Philadelphians (Revelation 3:7).

4. We continue to let God deepen that vision.

5. We continue to follow Mr. Armstrong, who taught us the truth about David’s family throne. His prayer rock became the symbol of David’s throne! What an honor for Mr. Armstrong—forever! He didn’t know this would happen, but I’m sure it will be a pleasant surprise for him when he is resurrected shortly.

6. We have staged performances about David’s dynasty. In Armstrong Auditorium, we have presented Jeremiah: A Musical and Step-Dancing Extravaganza, David: The Endless Throne Begins, Celtic Throne and other productions.

7. We are doing all we can to proclaim the key of David message to Israel and the whole world.

8. We have the new throne of David. Is that not a big part of why we are called the sons of Zadok? Think about this noble title! This is a tremendous honor that God has given us. Surely He did so because He knew we would have the throne of David in this end time.

What a marvelous reward for staying faithful to God and remaining loyal to the throne of David! This is the hour! This is our time to rise up and give this Work everything we have! The rewards are enormous!

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