How God Gave This New Revelation

From the book The New Throne of David
By Gerald Flurry

In the past, when God has given me new revelation, words flowed into my mind and entered my thought process, often leading me to certain scriptures. But with the revelation about the new stone and throne, it was different. This time, I heard a strong voice. It was more powerful. I don’t think anyone else would have heard anything, but I certainly heard it. It really startled me, as I think it would anyone. That was the first time I had ever experienced anything like that.

That voice left me somewhat shaken, but in a good way. As soon as I heard it, I started studying the Bible; I wanted to prove that revelation from God’s Word. After studying, I began to see that Jesus Christ was establishing a new throne, just like that voice had said. I began to find all the scriptures and put them together. You can do the same thing: This book goes through many scriptures that prove this truth. You don’t just have to accept my word for it: You can prove that voice came from God.

I understand why some would question this if I just heard a voice and didn’t have any proof from the Bible. But when you put all this evidence together, it proves that I really did hear a voice from God! The proof is all laid out in the Bible. You don’t want to follow someone who has simply heard a voice—I certainly don’t! It requires study, prayer and meditation on your part. There are also voices coming from the devil. People talk about hearing those voices all the time, after which they do terrible things!

This is obviously extremely important to God. If He is going to vocalize that there is a new stone and a new throne, that has a lot of weight. I don’t know if Christ personally came or personally spoke, but I do know God conveyed that message to us. And when you see in Amos 9:11 where God says, “In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David,” it certainly could allow for Christ to personally speak this truth to His Church. After all, it is His throne! Verse 1 says He came and appeared before God’s people sometime during the court case. He made a personal appearance. At that time we didn’t see anything, but we know He appeared because the verse says so. (You can read about this in Chapter 4 of this book, and further prove it by studying my booklet on Amos.)

I do think God will be working more directly with us as time goes on because we are preparing for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Christ is the Head of this Church. He can speak to His leader if He wants to. He is going to do a lot of that to all of us very soon, so we had better get used to it.

I have always said that God has never given me any vision outside of the Bible, and I still say that. This new revelation is in the Bible.

But there was a change. When God gave me this revelation, it was many times more emphatic than any revelation God has ever given me. People can scoff at this, but they won’t have very long to do so! We will have even more dramatic things to show them before this is over.

Why the change? Why would God, instead of just letting those thoughts come into my mind, speak this or have it spoken in such a strong way? I believe that Christ knew He had to emphasize it or I would not have realized what a radical leap this is for us spiritually! This is about the new throne of David! This is about a promise God made to David and has kept for all these thousands of years. Christ is about to return, and He has a voice in what kind of a throne will be here when He arrives!

I don’t think God could have gotten the message across to me the way He normally reaches me. This was a gigantic change that had to be made in this Church! It is about ruling the world and even the universe! I think this message could only have been conveyed by a strong voice—and then we had to start proving it to be true.

We know that Christ is the Head of this Church, but you know it more deeply when you hear a voice like that! It certainly underscores the importance of this revelation.

Most places in the Bible where God gives revelation to a prophet, it reads something like, “The word of the Lord came ….” You can see this in Zechariah 6:9, for example: “And the word of the Lord came unto me, saying.” But as we will see in the next chapter, the context here is about the new throne of David. And in verse 12, it looks like there is a change here: “And speak unto him, saying, Thus speaketh the Lord of hosts, saying ….” That seems like a different way of expressing it than it is in verse 9. It is discussing the Branch, or Christ, who delivered that message to somebody—maybe directly to me. From the context, it appears Christ may have spoken those words Himself.

Many people will hear this and think it is a big fantasy. But they will not move a finger to try to prove whether what we say is true! Nevertheless, you can prove this. And it is your responsibility to do so if you are going to obey God!

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