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The Ten Commandments

God gave 10 basic laws to mankind on how to live. Many people scoff at God’s commandments, but do you know that God gave them to ensure human happiness? Are the commandments to be observed today, or has God’s law been done away? Discover the true meaning and intent of the Ten Commandments.

Table of Contents

Introduction Read »
Chapter 1: The First and Great Commandment Read »
Chapter 2: Beloved—Flee Idolatry Read »
Chapter 3: Use God’s Name Truthfully Read »
Chapter 4: Remember God’s Sabbath Day Read »
Chapter 5: The First Commandment With Promise Read »
Chapter 6: You Shall Not Murder Read »
Chapter 7: You Shall Not Commit Adultery Read »
Chapter 8: You Shall Not Steal Read »
Chapter 9: You Shall Not Bear False Witness Read »
Chapter 10: You Shall Not Covet Read »