Raising the Ruins
What happened to the global humanitarian empire of Herbert W. Armstrong, one of the foremost religious leaders of the 20th century? Here is the shocking, gripping untold story of the doctrinal hijacking and spiritual destruction of the Worldwide Church of God after the death of its founder. It is the story of a cabal of leaders who destroyed Mr. Armstrong’s work, sold the church’s assets and hoarded the money. It is the story of the life-and-death, six-year court battle that ensued when a faith-filled few held fast to his mission and sought to defend his legacy-by raising the ruins.
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Absolute Power
Chapter 2 Legacies
Chapter 3 The Self- Appointed Apostle
Chapter 4 Credentials
Chapter 5 Tkach’s Fellows
Chapter 6 Fingerprints
Chapter 7 Riddled With Error
Chapter 8 Discard
Chapter 9 Incidental Points
Chapter 10 The Agenda
Chapter 11 Deathbed Repentance
Chapter 12 Stewardship
Chapter 13 Breaking Ground
Chapter 14 First Sip of a Bitter Cup
Chapter 15 Peanut Shell
Chapter 16 “Largest Audience Possible”
Chapter 17 Battle Lines Drawn
Chapter 18 Round One: PCG
Chapter 19 Round Two: WCG
Chapter 20 Counterclaim to the Rescue
Chapter 21 The Infamous Preface
Chapter 22 Offensive Warfare
Chapter 23 © Philadelphia Church of God
Chapter 24 Victory Prophesied
Chapter 25 Raising the Ruins