The Last Hour
The Apostle John lived in the midst of a savage persecution. Many of God’s churches were being taken over by traitors. When he wrote his epistles, John thought it was “the last hour” before Christ’s Second Coming. In fact, it was only a type of our time today. Every detail of what John prophesied is now being fulfilled! John’s “last hour” epistles are mainly for God’s end-time Church!
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 We Are in “the Last Hour”
Chapter 2 Christ Is Coming in the Flesh
Chapter 3 Fighting the Antichrist
Chapter 4 The Eternal Logos Vision
Chapter 5 Witness—the Word Nobody Understands
Chapter 6 Our Advocate When We Sin
Chapter 7 Behold! Sons of God!
Chapter 8 The Elder
Chapter 9 Gaius Had the Secret of Success
Epilogue From the Beginning

Available Translations

Español La última hora
Français La dernière heure
Afrikaans Die Laaste Uur
Nederlands Het laatste uur
Suomi Viimeinen tunti
Norsk Den Siste Timen