Libya & Ethiopia in Prophecy
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Table of Contents

The Man Who Set the Middle East on Fire
Chapter 1 Libya and Ethiopia Reveal Iran’s Military Strategy
Chapter 2 Iranian-Backed Insurgents Call for an Islamic Revolution in Ethiopia
Chapter 3 Ethiopia Attacks Archrival
Chapter 4 First Libya—Now Ethiopia
Chapter 5 An Islamic Takeover of Libya and Ethiopia Is Imminent
Chapter 6 Pope Calls for International Mobilization for Horn of Africa
Chapter 7 Egypt and Libya to Join Iran’s Terror Network
Chapter 8 Iran Strides Toward Diplomatic Relations With Egypt and Libya
Chapter 9 Ethiopia in the Crosshairs
Chapter 10 The Stunning Truth Behind Libya’s ‘Democratic’ Revolution
Chapter 11 Is This the Start of Radical Islam’s Takeover of Ethiopia?
Chapter 12 Ethiopia’s Strongman Dies
Chapter 13 The Next War in Libya
Chapter 14 Ethiopia on the Brink?