Chapter 8

Iran Strides Toward Diplomatic Relations With Egypt and Libya

From the booklet Libya and Ethiopia in Prophecy
By Gerald Flurry, November 24, 2011

The Iranian regime is intent on fully exploiting the Arab Spring toward its own ends, which include the establishment of diplomatic ties with both Egypt and Libya.

Only months after the downfall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, senior Iranian officials made it known that Tehran is ready to resume full diplomatic ties with Cairo as soon as Egypt is ready.

“Resuming relations would allow the Iranian government to grant aid in tourism and all other fields,” Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said during a meeting with an Egyptian Sufi delegation on a mission to bridge gaps between Islamic sects in Iran.

“The Mubarak regime prevented Iran from establishing relations with Egypt, creating a gap between the two peoples and tarnishing the image of Iranians and Shiites,” he said.

Before inviting the Egyptian delegation to tour Iran’s nuclear facilities, Salehi emphasized the need for Egypt and Iran to work together to confront Israel and restore security to the region.

In regards to Libya, Iranian officials have been just as bold. Iranian First Vice President Mohammed Reza Rahimi sent a message to the head of the Libyan transitional government on Sunday renewing a previous offer to assist the North African nation with reconstruction projects.

Earlier this month, Vice Chairman of Libya’s National Transitional Council Abdel Hafiz Ghoga expressed his appreciation to Iran for the support it has already given to Libya. He announced that a delegation of Libyan officials will visit Tehran in the near future to discuss expansion of ties and cooperation between the two Islamic states.

Gerald Flurry has prophesied for over 18 years that Iran would be the king of the Middle East, and that we would witness an alliance take place between Iran and Egypt. Earlier this year, Mr. Flurry outlined how Daniel 11 also foretells that Libya and Ethiopia will realign to join an Iranian-led, radical Islamist camp. Watch for these far-reaching changes. Egypt and Libya are already in the midst of their transition and Ethiopia is set to be next.

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