Philadelphia Trumpet  •  February 2007  •  Volume 18, No. 2
  • World
    When America Leaves Iraq …
    Americans and Iranians agree: the U.S. should exit Iraq. Here is what will happen when it does.
  • From the Editor
    Can Suicide Bombers Be Stopped?
  • World
    Shady Business Partners
    America depends on valuable resources from dubious sources.
  • Economy
    Why the U.S. Dollar Constantly Loses Value
    Your wealth is steadily evaporating. Why doesn’t a dollar stretch like it used to?
  • Society
    The Case for Male Teachers
    The lack of male teachers is a problem in America’s school system.
  • Nip & Tuck Values
    Cosmetic surgery has gone mainstream.
  • As in the Days of Noah
    Today’s moral battles reveal that the larger war has already been lost. Our rampant immorality is as Jesus Christ said it would be …
  • World
    A Troubled Democracy
    In a nation accustomed to totalitarianism, America has tried to install democracy. Indications are the experiment isn’t working, and the old ways could come roaring back. We’re not talking about Iraq.
  • Religion
    Tkach’s Fellows (Part 5)
    In his book Raising the Ruins, now available in bookstores, Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry exposes the reality of what happened to the Worldwide Church of God. Here is the fifth chapter.
  • Departments
    Behind the Work