Philadelphia Trumpet  •  January 2004  •  Volume 15, No. 1
  • Cover Story
    Return to Totalitarianism
  • From the Editor
    Russia Frightens Europe—and Fulfills Bible Prophecy
  • Articles
    Launch Into Power
    Breaking from the shackles of isolation, China is rapidly becoming an integral player in the game of geopolitics. How will its success impact global dynamics?
  • Europe’s State Religion
    Some things never change.
  • Could Your Religion Be a Counterfeit?
    The trade in counterfeit goods—music, software, clothing, toys, jewelry and, of course, money—costs $150-450 billion each year. But did you know that the greatest deceptions to mankind are the result of counterfeit Christianity?
  • The Grand Design
    Forty years ago, Franz Josef Strauss had a vision for Germany. Today, this vision is largely reality.
  • A Child Left to Himself
    Establishing the link between discipline and a child’s ability to learn
  • 2004: A Look Ahead
    How will events predicted for the coming year affect you?
  • Departments
    War on Two Fronts
    America is not just battling terrorists—it’s battling itself.