Philadelphia Trumpet  •  January 2002  •  Volume 13, No. 1
  • Special Issue: Surveying Bible Prophecy
    The Coming World Crisis
    Since the “last hour” of the age of man began, the pace of events has accelerated. What does this mean for the future?
  • The End of the Free World
    WANING SUPERPOWER The peoples that have defined the world for two centuries face an uncertain future. What’s ahead for the U.S. and Britain?
  • The Beating Heart of Prophecy
    ETERNAL HOTSPOT The Mideast represents the beginning and end, the focal point, of what to watch in the years ahead.
  • The Rise, and RISE, of Europe
    MODERN PHOENIX Of all the phenomena on the world scene this past year, none can match the acceleration of Europe’s rise as a major global player. How powerful will Europe get?
  • The Resource War
  • The Unifying Power
  • March Toward Armageddon
    FORMIDABLE FOE Soon the most powerful, numerous army ever assembled will make its way to the battle that will determine rulership of the world. What is the status of this huge alliance right now?
  • Articles
    Germany Rules the Balkans
    Dramatic events in former Yugoslavia in the past decade have given unmistakable proof of this fact: A dangerously aggressive Germany is rising, and at an accelerated pace!
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    Contempt of History
  • Commentary
    The Great Multitude
    Why it is critical that you remember this Trumpet issue