Last Hour’s First Minutes

From the January 2002 Trumpet Print Edition

May 2001

  • Pope in Greece to mend split with Orthodox Church.
  • EU signs record aid deal for Palestinian Authority.
  • Germany launches $3.6 billion space program.
  • New Zealand scraps national air force.
  • Pope sends envoy to Jerusalem to seek resumption of peace efforts.
  • Arafat calls for international observers in Israel.
  • Pope visits Syria.


  • Euroforce adopts Germanic anthem as marching tune.
  • Race riots in Britain.
  • China clinches deep-sea port deal in Pakistan.
  • Ireland votes no to euro.
  • Leaked document confirms drastic cuts in British Navy.
  • DaimlerChrysler becomes Europe’s largest firm.
  • EU funding of left-wing Israeli politics exposed.
  • Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia call for greater EU role in Mideast peace process.
  • U.S. recession confirmed.


  • China takes stake in world’s biggest port, Rotterdam, with EU approval.
  • Italy seals $550 million deal in Iranian oil field.
  • Italy calls for EU to have greater role in Middle East.
  • EU blocks General Electric takeover of Honeywell to restrict U.S. competition.
  • Russia calls for NATO to be replaced by European security and defense arm.
  • China and Russia sign Good Neighbor Treaty.
  • U.S. abandons policy of preparedness to fight two major wars simultaneously.
  • Egypt, Iran agree to support Syria in any war against Israel.
  • EU takes over satellite center to separate intelligence from NATO dependence.


  • German foreign minister takes seven-stop diplomatic mission to Mideast.
  • Confirmed 45% rise in neo-Nazi hate crimes in 2000 over 1999.


  • EU, Iran confirm intentions to negotiate trade pact.
  • Revival of fascination with Mussolini sweeps Italy.
  • U.S. attacked by terrorists; insurance company losses to eclipse all records.
  • EU rushes to strengthen anti-terror laws.
  • Spain demands Britain hand over Gibraltar.
  • Iran shuns U.S.-led alliance against terrorism.
  • EU to improve security relations with Iran.
  • Germany to lead military force to secure Macedonia.
  • Congo wars death toll confirmed at 2.5 million.
  • Japanese Navy to support U.S. campaign in Mideast.


  • U.S., Britain, Ireland, Netherlands okay Palestinian state.
  • Germany’s Schröder claims frontline position in future political and military activity.
  • EU to give Europol added powers in wake of Sept. 11.
  • Scientists to clone humans by end of year.
  • Croatia, EU sign contract for free-trade concessions.


  • EU accelerates plans to accept ten more members.
  • UN encourages EU economy as U.S. sinks.
  • German Navy deploys off coast of Somalia.
  • Japan adds troops, planes to its naval support of U.S.
  • Schröder calls for EU institutions to be given greater powers.
  • German general to head NATO’s military committee.
  • Auditors confirm high level of fraud in EU agencies.
  • Austria declares it has outgrown post-WWII neutrality.
  • EU tightens free-speech laws.
  • Britain offered EU Commission presidency in exchange for joining euro zone.
  • Iran and Pakistan move toward strategic alliance.
  • EU rapid reaction force launched a year early.
  • Queen breaks 500-year tradition to invite Catholic cardinal as her guest.


  • Recession in Germany.
  • China opens Bahaman port.
  • Japan revises military law to join UN missions.
  • Pope summons Catholic leaders to discuss Christians’ future in Holy Land.
  • EU reaffirms illegality of Israeli settlements in occupied territories.
  • EU pushes laws giving extra powers to police, prosecutors and judiciary.
  • EU moves to consolidate constitution and pushes for directly elected president.