Philadelphia Trumpet  •  September/October 1999  •  Volume 10, No. 8
  • Cover Story
    Principles of Living
    Wanted: Good Mothers
    Pursuing ‘equality’ has caused a dangerous shortage in the work force—of mothers who work at home
  • Conspiracy Against Fatherhood
    The American Psychological Association is making a direct attack on the father in the family. Very few people understand what this really means—and what a nation-destroying philosophy it is!
  • Viewpoint: Thou Shalt Not!
    Are the Ten Commandments ‘negative’ and therefore a wrong form of law?
  • Articles
    No to NATO
    It was in the bag. Everyone agreed that Germany’s defense minister was right for the job of NATO secretary general. But the Germans balked. Why?
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    A Great Leader
  • Articles
    “Dad’s Army” Down Under
    Australia’s army looks bad. And it couldn’t be at a worse time.
  • Asia’s Troubled Child
  • Witchcraft: America’s Neo-Pagan Movement
    Some claim that witchcraft is the fastest growing religion in America. This article gives you vital information on this neo-pagan religious movement.
  • Departments
    We Tell You Why!
    World events are rapidly changing. Where are they leading? Will they affect you? Watch The Key of David.
  • Commentary
    Behind Our Spin
    Why the Trumpet quotes the Bible