Craig Millar

Britain Fears EU Mission Creep

Recently released WikiLeaks documents from the Guantanamo Bay detention center portray Britain as a “hub of Islamic activity,” implying the BBC may be a “propaganda network” for al Qaeda.

To say that Britain is in the grip of a foreign crime wave would be an understatement. It’s more than that—it’s a literal crime tsunami.

Britain’s membership of the EU’s bailout system will end in financial and economic catastrophe.

The European Union votes to destroy Britain’s greatest industry.

How times change. Insulting Britain’s war dead is now a lesser offense than a parking violation!

Traditional British society is being turned upside down by a new generation of godless judges.

Today’s British Foreign Office shows it’s not a patch on its imperial predecessor when it comes to dealing with British expats’ security.

The justice system becomes a protection racket for the criminal.

In a landmark precedent, the British Parliament seeks to reassert its sovereignty over the European Court of Human Rights.

Britons register their wish to leave the European Union.

The alcoholism that’s spreading like a disease through the nation’s youth is a powerful sign of societal breakdown in Britain. Where is it all leading?

Frustrated British voters are ripe for revolt against the EU as Britain’s government auditor reveals huge fines imposed by that deeply corrupted body.

Britain’s culture of political correctness has shut the mouths of police and government institutions to an ugly social trend.

The extradition of an Australian citizen from Britain to Europe shows the power of European Union law.